MUFE Pro Road Show Product Haul #1

I wanted to show you what I purchased at the Make Up Forever Pro Road Show in Austin.  This is part 1 because I’m still waiting on another shipment to come in.  Some of the products are actually out of stock, so there may be three parts to this.

They gave us these really nice reusable shopping bags that I’ll be using a lot.  They’re pretty sturdy.

Here’s what’s inside

I was only able to take home the foundations and the flash palette after my purchase.  These were among the featured products that were 50% off.  I’ve been wanting some of this foundation for a couple of years but refused to pay $40 for it.  I’m sooooo glad that I waited.  I thought about getting it when I had a Sephora gift card a few months ago, but I purchased the Sephora Airbrush Foundation brush instead.  The other items were shipped to me and I received them last Saturday 10/15/11, which is pretty impressive since I was supposed to have a 5-10 business day wait.  Shout out to Turner and Mariel for doing such a great job with handling all of the purchases and shipping. 🙂

Another picture of my products.  I’m so happy to have these items.  This is the most amount of MUFE products I’ve ever had.  Starting from the Top Left: Brush Cleanser, HD Foundation in  #107, #123, #153, and #185, and Airbrush Thinner. There are 4 eyeshadow refills: #5, #7, the infamous #92 (Woo Hoo! after all of these years I finally got it!), and #28.  In the middle is the flash palette on top and the Camo Concealer Palette #5.  They are laying on top of the On Makeup magazine that we received for free. To the right is the beautiful Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick #15.

I’m eagerly awaiting my next shipment.  I have so many ideas on how to be creative with these products. My next order has 2 Smokey Lash mascaras, Camo Palette #4, Empty Eye Shadow Palette, HD Powder, and Aqua Cream.

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Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

What is this infamous 92? Want to know!

Royal Beauty Designs

Jessica, it's a beautiful matte purple that a lot of people rant and rave about. It's different from every other purple shadow that I have. I had my eye on it for a long time but never purchased it until the MUFE Pro Road Show.

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