MUFE Pro Road Show Dallas Day 3

The First class of the day was facilitated by Oklahoma Make Up Artist Gwen Pettie-Green.  I’m so happy or her.  We follow each other on facebook and twitter.  I got a chance to meet her in person at the MUFE Pro Road Show last year in Austin.  The name of this class was Creating Beauty.

Gwen creating some very cool glitter brows on her model.  They were just enough to add a little extra without being too over the top.  I’m totally going to try this.  She then added a gold lid then black liner.

Above, is the midway look that Gwen created.  Below is where she began to add more drama with the lips and eyes.

I really like how Gwen used the lash brush to apply mascara to her model’s lashes.  She was really able to work through each lash.  I need to do this more often.  I purchased a Royal & Langnickel Revolution lash brush, but haven’t used it yet.

The 2nd class of the day was The Artistic Advantage which was taught by Joy Hom.  She did a fabulous job in showing us how to use the MUFE Flash Color Palette and how extremely versatile this product is.

 In the above picture, Joy is using different colors from the MUFE Flash Color Palette to match the models skin.  It’s something that you have to practice and really incorporate color theory to pull off.

She explained that a lot of it is trial and error and you have to train your eye to be able to pick up the right mixture to make the match.  She also used the Flash Color Palette to highlight and contour.

This was the completed Beauty Look that Joy created with the MUFE Flash Color Palette.  Just for fun, she kept going to take it to more of a theatrical look.

Here I am with the model and Joy.  I truly enjoyed this class.  Joy does a great job in explaining her techniques to help the class gain a better understanding of the products.  Oh this is totally off topic but did you check out the model’s shoes?   Here’s a closer picture. I couldn’t help but take a picture.  I’m in love with these.  Not sure what I’d wear them with or wear I’d wear them to, but I’m sure I could pull them off. Ha ha! ;-P

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