Mally “Your Brightest Days are Ahead Collection”

I purchased the Mally Your Brightest Days are Ahead Collection from QVC a couple weeks ago. Proceeds of this collection go to Breast Cancer Awareness in honor of Mally’s own mother who she lost to Breast Cancer when Mally was 17.


My mom has used Mally’s products for a while after seeing Mally on QVC. She loves the quality and value she gets. She’s told me about this brand but for whatever reason, I never got around to trying it.


The shipping was fast with QVC. I wad so excited to try the products. There was a cute note from Mally explaining the significance of this collection and that $2 had been donated from my purchase.

But…as I opened the the box I could see powder.
wpid-2013-10-24-13.40.31.jpgwpid-2013-10-24-15.52.14.jpgThen when I opened the compact I saw my powder was totally shattered. :-(

wpid-20131009_115702.jpg I ordered the color Tan/Rich.

Awww man! That was disappointing. I didn’t get a chance to try anything.  I put everything back in the package & was ready to send it back to QVC.

Before going to the Post Office,  I posted the pics above on my social media outlets. To my surprise I received a prompt response from Mally on both Instagram & Twitter. She told me to email her customer service & I’d get another compact. I didn’t even have to return my other products.  🙂

I received my brand new Perfect Skin Illuminating Refiner powder a couple days ago in perfect condition.

I’m thoroughly pleased with Mally Beauty’s immediate attention and incredible customer service.  The fact that she actually takes time to interact with her customers means so much. I just became a lifelong customer/fan.

Here are the other products that came in this collection.

There are 8 pieces total. This is a great set!

Perfect Skin Illuminating Refiner

Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener

Luxury Lipstick in Pilar Pink

Eye Color Shadow Stick in Empowering Lilac

Eye Color Waterproof Eyeliner in Fearless Brown

Volumizing Mascara in Black


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