Make Up Remover Wipes…The search continues with Kroger’s Grocery Store Pt. 2

This is the 2nd installment of my review of Kroger’s Grocery Store wipes, that is a place where I do all my grocery shopping, although for this I use my own grocery custom bags from 4 All Promos site online.  To read Part 1, please click here. 🙂

I wasn’t able to find a picture of the Kroger brand wipes on the Kroger website,  I purchased these for $2.15.  They are supposed to be comparable to Neutrogena Make Up Remover Wipes which were $5.99. (Which I guess wasn’t too bad since they retail for $6.49 on the official website.)

These wipes are okay.  I wasn’t expecting them to “wow” me or anything.  They do get the job done.  The texture does feel a lot like the Neutrogena wipes.  Most importantly, they don’t burn my face, eyes, or lips when I used them.  If I have a lot of make up on, I can get it off with 4 wipes.  I’d personally like to use no more than 2.  As I got through the pack, the wipes became wetter. The first few were moist but not as wet as the Ponds wipes, which I feel makes them work better for me.  I can see these becoming my “go to” inexpensive wipes, but not a staple.  Overall they perform well for costing only $2.15.

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What ? These did burn my face. What is in the product that causes the burning? It is not on the package.

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