Make Up Remover Wipes…The search continues with Kroger’s Grocery Store Pt 1.

I’ve posted a few times on make up remover wipes and how I’m still on the hunt for the perfect ones.  So far, the Ponds Towelettes above are my favorite.  To get more info on my experiences with make up remover wipes you can check here here, and here:-)

My latest experiment was with Mirra Renew Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths and the generic Kroger Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes. I purchased both of these from Kroger’s Grocery Store.

On the left are the Kroger Brand Make-Up Remover Wipes and on the right are the Mirra Cleansing Cloths

In this post I’ll focus on the Mirra Wipes.  I’ll cover the generic Kroger Brand wipes in Part 2 of this review.

The smooth remover side

The exfoliating side

I purchased these wipes for $2.99. In all honesty, I only tried these because the Ponds wipes were not on sale and they cost $5.49.  I know that they were cheaper at Target but didn’t have time to go there.  I figured for only $2.99, it was worth a try.  At least I’d have another topic to blog about. 🙂

So what were my thoughts on the Mirra Renew Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths?

I didn’t like them and won’t be buying them again.  I’m very glad I only spent $2.99.  The idea of having a 3-n-1 cloth (removing make up, cleansing skin, and exfoliating) was so promising. In actuality, it didn’t live up to the promises.  My skin didn’t really feel clean until using about 4 of the wipes.  They aren’t as wet as I’d like my wipes to be.  Even towards the middle of the pack, they still aren’t moist enough.  The pack that I bought had cucumber & Green Tea + Vitamins, C, E, & B Complex.  I can’t say that I noticed any benefits from these ingredients.  The Cucumber & Green Tea fragrance was a bit stronger than I am comfortable with.

I will make note that when removing my eye make up, after a couple of wipes my eyes burned. ( I used the soft side of course)  When removing my lip color, however my lips didn’t burn like they did with the Philosophy wipes.  *whew* These wipes did have an unpleasant taste though. 🙁  The exfoliating side is a bit harsher than I expected and due to the wipes not being wet, it quickly becomes uncomfortable.  After using these wipes and then using my Clarisonic with my African Black Soap, there was quite a bit of make up on my brush.  When I used my Clinique Clarifying Lotion afterwards, I could still see make up on the cotton ball. 🙁  When I use Ponds, M.A.C., and Neutrogena wipes, I don’t notice this. On average I used 3-5 Mirra wipes get my make up off.  I’d prefer to use no more than 2.

For Part 2 of this review, please click here. 🙂

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