MAC What A Blast Prolongwear Lip Pencil Review

I love Orange lips!  Not a much as I love red lips but orange/coral lips would be right at the top.  I’ve been fascinated with MAC’s new Prolongwear Lip Pencils ever since I had the chance to play with them at the counter.  They glide on so smoothly and they actually do stay.  I really enjoy using them as bases for lipsticks and lipglosses.  Since I know I’ll be participating in the Tango Tangerine Trend for 2012, I wanted a good color to work with.

Here’s What A Blast!

I know this looks red but really both of these colors are bright and vibrant oranges.  I swatched What A Blast Prolongwear Lip Pencil next to MAC Morange.  They work perfectly together! 🙂

This is the combo without a flash

With the flash

There is a downside to using these Prolongwear Lip Pencils.  Not sure if you can tell ( I know I immediately did but couldn’t fix it. :-() but you will need to blend quickly.  In the above picture, I can see where the liner was applied and where I applied the lipstick.  I tried blending the colors but I took too long and couldn’t.  As a heads up, once these lip pencils are on…they’re on. Ha ha!

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What a fun bright color! <3 Looks great on you!

Thanks Laura! 🙂 It really is a fun color.

I ,ove your what a blast/pro long wear lip liner BUT when u sharpen it it breaks and doenst stay sharpened! Maybe it needs to be a wooden one instead due to the high price! But I adore it and the lipcolor y'all are advertising for the AIDS foundation!!! When does it go away so I can purchase some more. I also love matte lipstick especially called please me it's beautiful and I have a hard time finding lipstick that stays on and the liner certainly helps! Please don't discontinue these!!!!!!!!!!!

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