M.A.C. Semi Precious Limited Edition Brushes

I love brushes!  It’s a fact.  My favorite brand of brushes is M.A.C.  What is it about M.A.C. that makes their brushes more appealing to me than any other brand? The fact that they consistently provide high quality brushes without smells, shedding (except for the #109, but there are steps to take to fix this), falling apart, and effortless performance.  When I found out that there was a collection coming out with limited edition brushes, I knew I had to have them.  Unfortunately I waited longer than intended to get them and I was only able to purchase 3 of the 4 brushes.  Thankfully, M.A.C. restocked their collection and I was finally able to get the 4th brush last week.  *side note, they also replenished the Bloggers’ Obsession Collection as well so I was able to get Afrobella’s All My Purple Life…whew!*

Here are the 4 limited edition brushes below.

From top to bottom:  #179 Buffer Brush, #128 Cheek Brush, #235 All Over Eye Brush, and #234 Eye Blending Brush.  
These brushes are very different from any other brushes I’ve seen.  They’re two sided split fiber: natural goat on one side and synthetic on the other side.  They allow you to provide multi-purpose application.  Ideally one side for liquid/creams and the other side for powder.  Keep in mind there are no strict rules with applying make-up so you are free to use them however you wish.  I know that I liked using the #235 All Over Eye brush for buffing in concealer, not necessarily for applying shadow.
These brushes are incredibly soft and easy to use.  I’d recommend them to anyone who’s a brush lover/collector.

So glad I got these when I did.  I just checked the M.A.C. website and they’re sold out of the #128 brush.  There will be a relaunch of the limited edition #226 brush coming out with the Mac Me Over Collection later this month.  I will be getting that one as well.  I missed it the first time it was launched.  It’s similar to the #131 brush but designed for the eye not face.

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I got the two eye brushes & I love them!

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