Lush Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask Review


I received a sample of Lush The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask when I attended the Houston Fashion and Beauty Bloggers meet up event at Addison Shoe Boutique in Memorial City Mall.  Lush was one of the sponsors for the night.

Here’s what it looks like below

Below is the bottom of the container.  It has a list of ingredients as well as who prepared the mask and the expiration date.  Pretty cool…literally.

Because it’s freshly made with natural ingredients, it has to be refrigerated.  I have to admit that it felt weird applying and wearing a cold mask.  All of the other masks I’ve used have either been room temperature or heat activated.

I’ve used it three times and I like how my skin feels afterwards.  I also like that there’s no menthol or any other ingredients that would cause a burning, tingling, cooling sensation.  I remember the representative saying this mask was really good for combination skin with occasional break outs.  My first though was “oh no this isn’t for me then”.  There’s nothing combination about my skin.  It’s straight OILY. 🙁 Unfortunately, this was the last sample she had left so I tried it anyway.

When I purchase masks, I’m looking for them to declog my pores and help me to stay more matte.  This mask made my face feel clean and smooth so I believe it declogged my pores, but it didn’t help with the oiliness.  For this reason, I wouldn’t buy it, however, I will finish the rest of it.

Do you include masks as a part of your skin care routine? If so, which ones do you use?


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I tried it once, didn't notice anything significantly different about my skin. I guess I have to keep using it to see the effects.

I love using masks but unfortunately the chemicals involved in most products make my skin worse than what it was before I started using it so I started making my own. I use a selection of clays, plant extracts + essential oils that I blend in small batches + use 2-3 times a week=)

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