Lunch with my fellow Make Up Artists in Houston

 Left to Right:  Niala (of Magnolia Makeup) Faith, Lizzy, Angel, Anisa, Joda, and LeRenda Left to Right: Tia (of Magnolia Makeup) Faith, Lizzy, Angel, Anisa, Joda, LeRenda

I had the chance to have lunch with my fellow make up artists from Houston and the wonderful ladies of Magnolia Makeup!! It’s amazing how God can bring people into your life.  Most of us followed each other on different social media outlets but had never had the pleasure of meeting in real life.

While having lunch, of course we talked about make up.  We even had an impromptu make over done by Niala on Faith!! 🙂

 Niala is applying Magnolia Makeup Lip Fix to Faith’s lips

In the above picture, Niala is teaching us how to make lip colors last longer.
Niala and Tia are a lot of fun to be around. Full of joy and just so down to earth. 🙂
Niala, Me, and Tia
 Me, Lizzy, and Tia

If you’re not familiar with Magnolia Makeup, you REALLY need to check out this brand.  They have such great quality products at a great value.  Plus, it’s always nice to meet the people who actually created the brand.  It’s even better to find out that Niala and Tia are really good people who don’t have a problem taking out time to interact with their fellow make up artists, customers, and fans.  This was a super experience that I’ll never forget. 🙂

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you all looked great! I've heard of their brand before but Ive got to try it out now…especially since the creators are women of color!

Hi Corporate Beauty!! Yes, I would definitely recommend you try Magnolia Makeup. You won't be disappointed. 😉

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