Lip Balms and Lip Conditioners

I have tried so many lip balms and lip conditioners that there are way too many to list out.  I can however talk about what I’ve used over the past 6 months.  These aren’t in any particular order.

eos lip balm - sphere
EOS, Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm
Evolution of Smooth or EOS Lip Balm.   Non greasy and super cute and easy to use.   The texture kind of reminds me of a lip primer instead of a balm.  It’s kind of big though so you may end up getting it above and below your lips.  Ha ha!  I purchased two of these products from Ulta for under $4.  They come in 5 flavors.  I purchased Honeydew and Summer fruit.  I didn’t see the other 3 which are Lemon Drop SPF15, Sweet Mint, and Medicated Tangerine.  Even though I like these, they still aren’t perfect for me and I feel as though the moisturized effect doesn’t last more than an hour.
Lip Conditioner SPF 15
M.A.C. Lip Conditioner
I bought 8, yes 8 of these in Dec ’10 during the Champale collection.  There was a limited edition version of this Lip Condtioner in Lavender.  I absolutely LOVE Lavender.  I also bought 7 of the Lavender Fix + limited edition that came with this collection.  This lip conditioner would hands down be my favorite, BUT I hate that it’s in a jar.  I really don’t like having to use a lip brush to apply lip conditioner and I refuse to stick my finger in my jar.  If only it was in a squeeze tube, my search would be complete.  The product itself is terrific. It’s not sticky or greasy.  It has pretty good staying power and even after blotting before applying lipstick, my lips still feel moist and smooth.   It’s super hydrating and with the lavender, it’s very soothing and relaxing.  I just feel better when I wear it.  This product retails at $14.50.
Lip Balm #1, , large
Kiehl’s Lip Condtioner
This would have been my favorite lip conditioner except for  one major set back.  The applicator is awful.  It has a screw on top that’s not rounded or slanted, it’s just there.  It’s almost like someone forgot to screw back on the applicator.  The product itself is awesome.  It’s very moisturizing and just enough to not be too greasy/sticky.  It last really well too.  This product retails for $7.

Jack Black Lip Balm
So this should’ve been my go to favorite lip balm since it’s in a squeeze tube right?  Almost there.  I love the ease of using this lip balm.  I really like how hydrated my lips feel when I wear it.  What’s the downside?  The overpowering menthol.  It’s one thing to have a slight minty smell or taste to a lip balm, but this stuff is super strong.  It actually burns my lips at first.  I don’t want to be tortured just to get my lips to be moisturized.  If only there was a way to tone this down, it would be amazing.  The consistency of the balm is nice.  It’s thick but not too sticky.  It’s thicker than the previous lip balms and conditioners that I listed above.  This product retails at $7.  I bought it from Sephora.

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