Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper

I’ve been hearing more and more people talk about a company named Lime Crime.  I was excited to receive the Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper to review from Red Carpet Artists.  I have extremely oily skin and this carries on to my eyelids as well.  I’m not sure where it comes from because I know that there are no oil glands on the eyelid, I guess it transfers from my brows and face somehow.  Anyway, my eyeshadow doesn’t stand a chance without some type of primer or base applied first.   
Here are my thoughts on the Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper.
Pretty packaging! 😀
The texture is very creamy and smooth.  It doesn’t require a lot to be applied.
The product feels good and blends well on the eyelid and doesn’t dry out the skin.  
I used this product today for my 4th of July look at work.  The initial look was very pretty, however when I returned home, my eyeshadow had indeed creased and faded.

You can see my crease is…well…greasy.
   The color has faded and is no longer a vibrant blue.

I won’t totally count this product out.  I’ll try it again but I’ll apply powder to set the Eyed Candy Eyeshadow Helper to see if it will last longer.  In it’s defense, there are very few eyeshadow primers/bases that actually last all day for me.  Even the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion fades/creases by the end of the day on me. 🙁  So far the only thing I’ve found to work  is M.A.C. paint.  M.A.C. paint pots will work only for the time it’s guaranteed for and that’s about 8hours.  I promise at 8 hours and 1 minute it creases.  Ha ha!

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