Le Metier de Beaute’ Event at Saks Galleria

Last month, I attended a Le Metier de Beaute event at Saks Galleria with my two fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers Shasie and Taylor. We met with the manager, Shawn, and his employees James and Dorita to learn about the brand and the benefits of using their products.

Light refreshments and cocktails were available for us.

Shawn, provided full makeovers for Taylor and Shasie. They were very pleased with their looks.

I’ve heard great things about Le Metier de Beaute’ but until this event, I’d never had the chance to really play with the products. Below I’m holding the Foundation. It retails at $68.

Shasie instantly fell in love with this foundation. She said her skin felt smooth and she could really tell how hydrated and even she looked. She also said it felt lightweight. I had the opportunity to test the Kaleidoscope kits which retails at $95. Above I’m holding the face kit. Below is a closer look.

The shadows are very silky, smooth, and blendable; however, you do have to build them up a bit to get a bold effect. The kaliedescope eyeshadows on the counter below are limited editions. The regular single shadows are $30. See below

There was a lip kaleidoscope as well. See below  The Lip colors are very moisturizing.

Le Metier de Beaute also has a skin care line.

  1. The Daily Renew Cleanser retails at $50.  It gently cleanse, exfoliates, and removes makeup to help skin appear more radiant and smooth
  2. Daily Refresh Tonic retails at $50.  It’s alcohol free and works to improve skin color and tone.  It also rebalances and reconditions the skin.
  3. Replenishing Daily Solution retails at $225. It is a moisturizer that has an SPF of 30 and works to hydrate, protect, and soothe.

 Above Shawn and Dorita are explaining the skincare line to a customer

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture with Shawn but I did get one with Dorita.  She was very nice and helpful in educating me about Le Metier De Beaute products. 🙂

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