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So Coastal Scents had their Memorial Day weekend sale last week.  Everything on the site was 25% off.  Boy was I excited.  So sure, by now, I already have quite a few things and I really dont’t NEED anything else from them, but, there’s always stuff I  can find on that site that I want to try out.  I also still had items in my wish list that I hadn’t purchased yet.

Limited Edition Fiji Twist
I’m always on the hunt for a good yellow shadow.   I’ll let you know how well this one works.
Limited Edition Hi Light Blue
Another Limited Edition eye shadow.  I don’t have a lot of light blues so I thought I’d give this one a try.  It looks like a fun color.

Prism Palette
This was out of stock for a while.  So glad that I was finally able to get it.  

I purchased the Dark Compact Bronzer last month and I fell in love with it.  I have other bronzers of course but this color was different from all of my other ones as well as my other blushes.  I’ve been using my Dark Compact Bronzer everyday except when I freelance at M.A.C. (gotta where the brand to work).  At the time, I was skeptical so I only bought one.  Well since everything in the store was on sale, I decided to go ahead and get the other two.  Before purchasing the Coastal Scents Bronzer, The Cover Girl Queen Collection Bronzers were my favorite.  Now, I’m not so sure.  I guess if I had to chose, I’d still chose the Queen Collection because they’re not overly frosty.  The Coastal Scents bronzers are frosty.   Other than that, both brands are beautiful.

Bronzer Compact in Light
Bronzer Compact in Medium
I’ve had this in my wish list for a few months.  I’m really eager to try it out.  Until now, all I’ve used for brows were pencils and shadows.  Now, I officially have brow powders.  Yes!!

Brush Guards
I’ve started to really love these things.  They are very helpful in keeping my brushes in shape.  I’ve bought several of these packs.  I would recommend them to everyone who is really interested in taking care of their brushes.  This and of course keeping them clean. Ha ha!
Duo Fiber Crease Brush
I haven’t used this brush yet, however the picture above is deceiving.  It’s not nearly as dense as it shows above.  I’m doubtful if this will really work in my crease.  I’m guessing this will have to be used to lightly buff in concealer or maybe paint pots/primers.  I’ll keep you posted.
Destiny Kabuki on a Stick
I was excited to play with this brush but unfortunately it’s not as big as I was hoping.  I thought it was going to be like the Smashbox face and body brush, but it doesn’t compare at all.  It’s 1/2 the size.  I’ll still make good use of it, it’s just not what I thought it was going to be.  
Chisel Shader Brush
Again, I was looking for a M.A.C. dupe.   I was hoping this would be like the Short shader brush #214 but it’s smaller and less dense.  I can still make it work and it’s not a waste of money at all, just not what I was hoping. (hmm, I think the moral of this story is to stop looking for dupes and just get the real thing huh??)

Sable Blending Brush
I was hoping this was going to be a MAC #224 dupe but it’s not.  It reminds me of their limited edition Sable Blending Blush that they had about 2 years ago.  It had a pretty lavender handle.  I love that brush for blending and softening edges of shadows however it doesn’t pick up color well.  It’s very very soft unlike the #224 that’s more stiff and can actually pick up color.  Not a bad brush at all, just not what I was looking for.  But hey, a make-up artist can’t have too many blending brushes so it’s cool.

*All images were taken from the Coastal Scents Website.

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