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Lip Glidz
I received a pack of L~Glydz from my Facebook friend Cam to try and review last year. I didn’t get a chance to blog about them before the year ended so I wanted to make sure it was the first post I did for 2013.

This pack contains 5 L Glidz
This pack contains 5 L~Glydz

I love that the pack comes with instructions.  The L~Glydz sheet feels similar to a soft quilted cloth.  Not waxy or flimsy at all.

How cute that the L Glydz Sheet has an imprinted L on it. :-)
How cute!! The L~Glydz Sheet has an imprinted L on it. 🙂

When I took the L~Glydz sheet out of the pack, I smelled a soft minty fragrance.  Not too over powering so that was nice.

L Glidz Vintage Wine Twisted Up

One of my all time favorite Red Lipsticks is Clinique's Vintage Wine
One of my all time favorite Red Lipsticks is Clinique’s Vintage Wine

L Glidz swatch without flashThis was without a flashL Glidz Swatch with flashThis was taken with a flashL Glidz on lips without flashL Glidz on lips with flash

 The top picture of Vintage Wine on my lips is without a flash and the bottom picture is with the flash.

It's minty :-)
It’s minty 🙂

L Glidz application closedThe instructions tell you not to place the L~Glydz all the way into the mouth, just simply place the sheet in between your lips and blot. L Glidz lips after blotting no flashFinished look without FlashL Glidz Blotted lips with flashFinished look with flash

So what are my thoughts on these L~Glydz lip blotters?  I like them.  I like the fact that they help my lipstick last longer when I layer products.  I also like that they’re a lot more sanitary than sticking your finger in your mouth. Ha ha!  I’ve used tissue before and the biggest difference is not getting pieces of tissue stuck to your lips.  When I’ve tried paper towels, they usually take off more product than I wanted.  So all in all, I’d recommend this product.

You can get more information about L~Glydz by going to the website www.lipblotters.com


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I am a L~Glydz fan! I started using them last year and I cannot live without them.You'll find a pak of them wherever I go! I ALWAYS had lipstick on my teeth, no matter how many times I would blot my lips. By the way, your photos are GREAT! I love MAC's Viva Glam Nicki lipstick! There must be magic woven into those lipblotters because you won't find lipstick on my teeth ever again! They're great gifts too! Its a girl thing! Susan

Hi Susan,
Yes I agree they\’re great! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to comment. 🙂

I discovered this great product and don't know how I functioned without them all these years! I too always managed to have lipstick on my teeth and with this great discovery, I no longer need to worry about that! I reuse one several times before moving to the next one and always have a cute package in my purse. This is a genius product that is simple to use, and works like magic! These are a perfect gift for anyone who uses lipstick – and I absolutely love them!!!!

Hi JoAnne,
You\’re correct. L~Glydz are great. I\’ll be using them a lot. 🙂

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