Jonathan Blake Cocktail Reception and Fashion Show

I attended the inaugural launch of Houston Fashion Designer Jonathan Blake on last Wednesday evening 10/3/12.  It was held at the Houston Junior League.

Above are pictures before the show started.  It was very well put together.

Live music by a string quartet.

The guests seemed to have a good time even before the show started.  That’s always a good sign of a great event.   

It probably had a little something to do with the pictures above. ;-p

 I met the uber fabulous Joy Sewing.

Hey look who was in the audience!! I also met actor Lee Majors.  He was sitting at the table next to me.  I had great seats. 🙂

As a Blogger I was allowed to go backstage to get a behind the scenes perspective for my readers.

The details of this top below are breath taking.  It’s so pretty and was actually handmade so this it’s very unique.

Here’s what this top looks like  with the model on the runway. *Sidenote* I love this model’s brows and cheeks. :-p
Below you can see how some of these dresses on the rack looked on the models

Above are men’s stylists Natalie Guzman with the Man of the night Fashion Designer Jonathan Blake

Valobra’s jewelry was used in the show.  The store is located  in Highland Village in River Oaks area of Houston.  As I mentioned in my post about my experience at Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan, this jewelry is very expensive and highly guarded.  When I went backstage, the security guard was standing next the the pieces and even protecting the pictures. LOL!

Yes in the close up picture above in the right picture the bracelet is $34,750.00 and the necklace is $159,900.00.  This explains the security guard. LOL! ;-p

The makeup was provided by Christi Harris

The show began with a lovely ballet performance.

This picture came out blurry, 🙁 but I still wanted to include it because I love these dresses.

The color theory used here was great.  I really like the green dress with the red lip.  Also this model’s cheek highlight is on point. Werk!!

Jonathan uses great colors.

These white dresses are so elegant

This dress really stood out to me. I remember seeing it on the rack backstage.  It looks soooo much better on the model. The dress below was elegant and chic.  I could see it being a wedding gown.

Okay, back to color. Look at the pretty blue

The grand finale

This is Miss Texas USA modeling the final piece of the night.  This dress received lots of applause.  The rose petals on the bottom were individually hand placed. 

The makeup artist did a great job with the soft smokey eyes, glowing skin and cheeks, with the neutral lips. Kudos!!

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