IMATS L.A. Pt 4 *Special Effects*

In my first post about IMATS I explained that my 1st experience with this outstanding event would have to be broken down into a series because there were so many awesome things going on, there was no way I could get it all in one post. So this brings me to part 4 in which I’ll focus on the special effects make up.

One of the best things about IMATS is that it covers ALL aspects of makeup not just beauty or consumer oriented.  It became the norm for creatures, monster, and zombies to walk by us throughout the day. Ha ha! Even better was getting a chance to see the transformations.  I actually saw a lady turn into what looked like an alien by the end of the day.

This model was on a break after her head was complete.

I mean it ‘s one thing to see these types of monsters, creatures, beat up, bruised, even dead bodies on tv/film.  It’s another to actually see them being created up close.


Take a look at some of the most creative pieces I’ve ever seen in real life. 


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