Huge Elf Haul

I ordered 22 items from during their 60% off sale. Of course the next day they were 70%off. Oh well.  Here is what I ordered below.  All of the items I purchased came out under $30. That’s amazing.  I got free shipping as well because they offered free shipping with any $25 purchase.

Tinted Moisturizer retails $3
These are the new Matte Lip Colors.  They’re in a pencil form.  They give you great precision and even though they are matte, they’re not drying.  They glide on really smooth.  I bought all 4.  
They retail for $3.  I’ll swatch them in another post.  
The Elf Kabuki Face brush is nice and soft.  It’s pretty big.  It’s bigger than all of my other Kabuki brushes.  It appears to be nice quality.  I haven’t really worked with it yet, though.  I’ll update when I do.
So I went a bit overboard with the pigments but hey, they were $3/ea BEFORE the 60% discount.  Everyone knows you get way more value in pigments/loose shadows than pressed ones so I figured it was worth it to get all of them. I haven’t played with them yet so no word on how they actually work.  They’re a part of the Studio line which usually doesn’t disappoint me, so I have high hopes. 
It may be hard to see in the picture but each pigment/loose shadow comes with brushes.  I have a picture of them on the right.  It’s unlikely that I would use them though.  They’re extremely small.
Ha ha, look at the difference between my M.A.C. #239 brush and the Elf brush.  I’ll admit that it is cute though. Ha ha!
I couldn’t wait to play with these so that’s why they’re already out of the package.  The two products in the back are All Over Color Sticks in Toast and Persimmon.  The two colors in the front are Shimmering Facial Whips in Citrus and Pink Lemonade.  I already have an All Over Color Stick in Golden Peach that I purchased from Target.  I’ve never seen these colors so that’s why I wanted them.  Both products retail for $1.  The All Over Sticks remind me of M.AC. Cream Color Bases.  The Shimmering Facial Whips are like liquid illuminators. You could compare them to M.A.C. Lustre Drops but they are a thicker consistency.
I swatched the two All Over Sticks next to a few of M.A.C.’s Cream Color Bases.  Going from left to right:  Fawntastic, Shell, Improper Copper, Elf Toast, and Elf Persimmon.  Interestingly the Elf products are more pigmented than Cream Color Bases.  
I’ll break this haul into different parts and go over the other products in more details.  I was so excited that my package came in today that I couldn’t wait to post. 

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Great Haul! I got a few things from the 60% off sale as well. I'm anxious to see your take on pigments I haven't tried any of those yet.

Royal Beauty Designs

What did you get? Did you post about it? I'd love to see. 🙂

Can you believe they're having a 77% of sale right now. I'm trying to stay strong and not get anything, but that's so hard to pass up. They're offering free shipping again too. *sigh*

I love Elf, I haven't done a major haul from them in awhile. I'm missing it. Those all over sticks are really catching my eye!

Hello! I found your blog through StumbleUpon! I love makeup/beauty too!

Royal Beauty Designs

@Ms. Viva Glam

Girl those all over sticks are nice, and most importantly, they're $1. 😉

Royal Beauty Designs

@Disney Mom

Hi there! Welcome and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Stumble is awesome.

i love elf! I just hate how long it takes for them to ship! I'm

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