Houston Blogger Meet Up at Addison Shoe Boutique

My fellow Houston Bloggers and I attended a Meetup event sponsored by Addison Shoe Boutique, Langford Market & Wish Boutique, and Lush Cosmetics in Memorial City Mall on 2/26/12.

The staff supplied cute light refreshments.  Banana cupcakes and champagne. 🙂

These accessories are from Langford Market and Wish Boutique which is located next door to Addison in Memorial City Mall.

This rack of clothing was also from Langford Market and Wish boutique.  They had great pieces to choose from.

We were allowed to put together an ensemble that reflected our own style.
Below is what I came up with

These shoes (from Addison) are Fabulous.

 The heels are just too high for me.  They come in another color as well.

Don’t you just love the lips! I guess it’s the make up artist in me that was so drawn to them. Ha ha! 🙂

Here are my fellow Houston Bloggers checking out the products.

Below are pictures of other items in the store

The quality and details of these shoes are outstanding.

It was a great meet up.  Shout out to Shalanda of Live-Life-In-Style.com for organizing another super event for the Houston Fashion and Beauty Bloggers. 🙂

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