Houston Image Expo 2012 Part 1.

I attended the Houston Image Expo on Sun 7/15/12.  It’s a trade show that’s geared towards beauty industry professionals.  It’s a two day event with workshops, seminars, certification classes, continuing education classes, fashion shows, and of course a plethora of vendors.  The majority of the expo is geared towards hair however there are still opportunities to learn about skin care and makeup as well as lash extensions, and nails.

The first class I attended was on Adult Acne by Dr. Malik from the Dallas area.  She’s a licensed dermatologist and a wonderful facilitator.  She did a great job of breaking down the information in “simple terms” to where it made since to the audience.  She has a great sense of humor and did well with interacting with us. AcneFoundation.org published an article of hers many times in their periodicals, and she’s renowned even in other periodicals. She explained the importance of anti-inflammatory products and how useful they are in reducing and treating Adult Acne.  For more info on Dr. Malik checkout her website nailamalikmdskin.com.

One of the best parts of my Image Expo experience was finally getting a chance to meet celebrity hair stylist, Kim Kimble.  She was at IMATS however her class was at the same time as the Keynote Speaker Kabuki so I missed it.  I was determined to sit in her class this time.   Kim gave me a compliment on my hair and said it gave her some ideas.  Woo hoo!! That’s a pretty spectacular compliment. 😀

I totally enjoyed being in her class!  She’s such a professional.  She does a magnificent job of getting the audience to participate. You can really tell that she loves what she does. She was so energetic and patient with the audience when questions were asked. She wanted to make sure we had a clear understanding of what she was teaching. She was very open and honest with us. She gave wonderful pointers/tips on how to work in the entertainment industry. Kim is so full of talent, knowledge, and a great facilitator! Even though I’m not a hair stylist, I was able to benefit from the info she presented to us.  *sidenote* This class really got me thinking about going into hair though.

Kim walked us through a chic non-traditional ponytail look that she’s done on Beyonce’.Instead of wrapping the hair around the natural ponytail, she braids the natural hair and then sews in the added hair because it reduces the bulge at the top and it stays put a lot better. Genius!!!

Here she’s sewing the hair into the braidAfterwards, she bumped the ends with a curling ironNext she worked on the bang. She curled and pinned up the hair. Then she combed it out and shaped it.Finished look 
Not sure who did the model’s makeup but it was pretty as well.

Be sure to stay tuned to Part 2 of my experience at the Houston Image Expo.  I’m really excited to show you some of the other amazing things that happened while I was there. 🙂

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