Houston Fashion Week 10/10-10/13 2011

Last night was day 2 of Fashion Houston’s and Audi’s 2nd Annual Houston Fashion Week .  I am so honored to be one of the bloggers chosen to cover this glorious event.

It’s being held in Downtown Houston at the Wortham Center, where it was transformed into a high fashion edifice.  When you first get to the Wortham Center, you will notice the red carpet with the Fashion Houston Backdrop for pictures and the tents in which the Audi Pavilion is being held in.  
I arrived pretty early. The picture on the left was taken at around 6:30.  The show didn’t start until 8:30.  The picture on the right was taken as I was leaving around 10:30pm.  
After walking the red carpet and taking pictures, people are able to hang out in the Audi Pavilion.  Check out the new Audi Cars. Nice. 
Woo Hoo! Look what I found! You know I was bound to find some make-up right? Ha ha! 😀
 Laura Mercier had a great lay out.  The offered limited edition products at up to 50% off.  
On the left were limited edition kits that were exclusive to Fashion Houston’s Fashion Week.  On the right were products that were used on the models for the runway.  
Make Up Artists were on site to do make overs as well.  This was the very nice set up.
There were different vendors present inside the Audi Pavilion. 
There was also a VIP Lounge.  The DJ kept the party going strong all night.  
The closer it got to show time, the more people filled up the tent.  
Once inside the Pavilion, you really felt the ambiance of a real fashion show.  You can tell a lot of hard work was put into this event.  
They were still setting up when I got inside the Wortham Center.  Look at all of the press! 
Aww, how nice it must have been to be able to work behind the scenes with the models.  This is truly a goal of mine. 🙂

The designers for the night were Kate Kills Pretty by Aries, Czar by Cesar Galindo, Best of Fall/Winter by Saks Fifth Ave, and Carmen Marc Valvo. It appeared that the theme of the night dealt with heat and fire.  There were announcements made before the show began about “feeling heat from the designers” and Ohio Players “Fire” was played.  There were also screens with fire.  It was pretty awesome. Oh and I have to say I was very pleased with the diversity of the models. I’m so proud of Houston right now! 😀

Kate Kills Pretty had a very sexy opening.  The models were full of sass and flavor with big hair and glowing skin.  The colors were bright and beautiful.  I loved her background.

Czar by Cesar Galindo started with a collage of multiple bold spring colors on the screen.  The first group of models came out with sophisticated black and white attire. Later there was color added.  Vibrant Blues, Oranges, and Yellows caught the crowd’s attention.

I loved how this dress flowed.  It appeared to be very comfy. It was a great combo of orange and yellow.

No need to worry fellas, you weren’t left out of the show.  The Best of Fall/Winter Saks Fifth Ave Men’s Collection totally delivered.  Before I can get into the models and clothing, I have to mention the terrific music.  I must admit, it’s not what I would’ve expected from Saks Fifth Ave, but I was very pleased.  It was very upbeat and a mixture of pop and hip hop…yes hip hop. LOL! The guys strolled with style and a lot of personality.  They smiled and winked and really captured the audience and made it fun while we danced. 

Carmen Marc Valvo closed the show with a very chic and modern take on Spring and swim/beach wear.  There were Ooohs and Awes as the models strutted down the catwalk.  There was a mixture of neutral blacks, whites, and grays with a bit of color.

Look at the beautiful red lips on these models.

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