Houston Fashion Bloggers Meetup at Henri Bendel

The Houston Fashion Bloggers had a Meetup last month at the new Henri Bendel store in the Houston Galleria Mall.  It was hosted by Lynne Gabriel who is the current Galleria Style Setter Blogger. I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with the store until going there for the meetup.  After going, I can see why it was such a big deal that Houston has one.

The store has a wide range of products.  Everything from home fragrances, to jewelry.

I instantly fell in love with these products.  They immediately caught my eye.

OMG this jewelry organzier is so fabulous…but so expensive. LOL!  Ok, I need to practice taking pictures of items with mirrors so I’m not in the picture. LOL! 😀


These miniature jewelry boxes are adorable.

As a beauty blogger and make up artist you know I had to find some beauty products.

 These polishes and lipglosses were pretty and nicely packaged, however the price is a bit out of my range.

This mirror is so cute!

Yay for refreshments!


Me with Ashley,  PR extrordinaire, who’s rocking a gorgeous Red Lip.  🙂

 My fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers:  Imani, Valerie, Amarah, and Nikki.

This picture of me with Vicki, manicurist and blogger, was taken by Shasie of Live Life in style and belongs to her.  Thanks for sharing the picture Shasie. 🙂


In the picture above, I’m with the lovely hostess Lynne Gabriel

More Houston Fashion Bloggers Shanna and Mimi

Overall I enjoyed myself and I would’ve been able to say that this event was awesome and well planned, however, even though I RSVP’d and was the second person to show up to the event, I still didn’t get a goodie bag.  Apparently the Henri Bendel and Galleria staff miscounted and didn’t pay attention to who was receiving bags.  There were people who didn’t RSVP and came late who still got bags so that sucked.  Other than that it was a nice event.


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Planning to purchase that traveling jewelry box? lolol


Ha! Good luck with that ma'am. I think it was equal to a few mortgage payments for me. Gonna have to pass. It was nice though. 🙂

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