Houston Fashion Bloggers July Meetup at Qwashae Boutique

The Houston Fashion Bloggers had a meetup on July 5, 2012 at Qwashae Boutique in Pearland, Texas. The event was a success! We all really enjoyed ourselves.

Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers group Shasie took this awesome picture of us. 🙂

I initially posted about Qwashae Boutique a few months ago when the Houston Fashion Bloggers covered the Spring 2012 Fashion Show.  It was so great I couldn’t cover it all in one post so I broke it down into a series.  I was super excited to be able to return to Qwashae Boutique and  really get a chance to see and try on the clothes. 🙂
 When we walked in, we were greeted with this lovely set up and sign-in sheet.The champagne table

The staff at Qwashae Boutique were so welcoming and fun. They had an entire agenda set up for us with games and prizes included. 🙂 Vernetta of Women are Game Changers won a prize! One of the activities was to share with the group the message you receive from your Dove chocolate.  Check out what mine said below

We were able to explore the store and try on whatever we liked.

Check out how gorgeous Della Belle K of The BeautyBar924 looks in this dress.  We were all in awe!Melonie of Fashionably Forty and I.

Totally fell in love with this necklace!
This is a Paris Hilton style dress
It looked great on Kelly Ann Ho-Sang of Fault Line Fashion.

Nikki and I of NW Style & Co. *This picture was taken by Shasie *

Amarya of The Eye of Arms and I.  *This picture was taken by Shasie*

*Shasie took this picture*

Here I am playing with this pretty detachable skirt.  It’s such a great accessory that can be added to many different ensembles. 🙂The owner Shekeina and I. *Shasie took this picture*
Nikka Shae of Oh Nikka came from Atalnta to hang with us. *Shasie took this picture*

Unfortunately when I pulled up I realized I forgot my camera. *screams* so a lot of these pictures aren’t nice quality.  Luckily, my fellow Houston Fashion Blogger Shasie of Live Life In Style allowed me to use some of her pictures that she took with her cool camera. Thanks Shasie!! 🙂

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