H.E.B. Grocery Store has ALL Revlon Product on sale!!

It’s amazing how you can find good deals on make-up in the grocery stores.  Right now, H.E. B. Grocery Store is having a sale on Wet-n-Wild, NYC Cosmetics, and Revlon products.  They have coupons next to all of the display units.  All you have to do is pull one off and use it with the product you want to save money on.  Revlon has the biggest amount off.  The coupons will save you $2.  Wet-n-Wild and NYC coupons are for a whopping $.50 off. (LOL! every amount counts right?)

Here’s what I purchased below.

Two Revlon Color Stay lippies and a Wet-n-Wild Palette!
Top Iconic Iris Mineral Glaze and the Bottom is Lilac Liquid Lipstick.  These are a good buy. 
These Eye Shadow colors are unbelievable.  If I hadn’t purchased them myself, I’d never believe that they were Wet-n-Wild. Boy this company has come a long way.  The color payoff is fantastic.  
These colors are so pretty.  I was pleasantly surprised that they were just as pretty on my skin.  This Pride Orgueil palette was $4.95 but I used my $.50 off coupon.  

In the left picture I swatched the 3 matte colors.  On the right are the 3 frosty colors.  I never would’ve thought to put two versions of the same colors in the same palette.  It was a good idea.

Here is the look I did with this palette below.  I used all 6 colors.  This is NOT something I would normally wear.  I was just curious to see if it could be pulled off.  I feel as though this is a very dramatic look so not appropriate for my full-time job, however it would be pretty for going out. ( I just don’t go out often)

I would absolutely recommend this palette.  You don’t have to wear all six of course.

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Ms. Prettyful Girl

Yay! I love H-E-B and their little yellow coupons! Good stuff. I bought that WnW palette a long time ago I just haven't used it. I should try it. It looks really great on you!

Royal Beauty Designs

Yes definitely try it! I've been hearing about these Wet-n-Wild palettes for a while but I was hesitant to try them because… well…it was Wet-n-Wild. I don't remember ever liking their eyeshadows because they were chalky. They've drastically improved. I'm going back to get more of them while they're on sale.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! 😀

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