Garnier Greener Tour at Wal-Mart Pt 2

This is the 2nd installment of my experience at the Garnier Greener Tour that was held on Saturday 6/16/12 at Wal-Mart in Pasadena, Texas.  To see the 1st part you can click here.

As a professional make up artist, I was more concerned with the skin care/make up products than the hair products.  I was very excited that we were able to test out the new items.

This is the new Garnier Ultra Lift Anti Wrinkle Serum. I’m not really in to Anti-wrinkle products however I know it’s a big thing with a lot of people so I tried it.

The consistency is a bit thicker than most serums I’ve tried.  It feels more like a lotion than a serum.

On a good note, it does easily rub into the skin without any residue.  It also makes your skin feel instantly softer than before.

The product I was most interested in was the new BB Cream!  I’ve been hearing so much lately about BB Creams.  This was my first experience with one.

Initially I was concerned due to Garnier only making this new BB cream in two options. 🙁  So of course I tried the Medium/Deep.  Which doesn’t look very dark at all. *sigh*

I was pleasantly surprised that it did actually blend in well with my skin. HOWEVER, I question how well this would work with people darker than me. I’d guess that if you are darker you could put  your powder on top and it may even out. I’m not sure though. Why oh Why don’t companies think about Women of Color when they make these products? *shakes fist in the air*

I used these Garnier wipes to remove the products I was testing off of my hand. I’ve seen these at the store but never bothered to purchase them.   These proved to be really nice.  A great size, very moist, and even though there is a fragrance, it’s not too overpowering. If they were on sale at Kroger’s I’d purchase them.


Next up was the new Garnier Anti Dark Circle Roller, which is also available in only two options. Once again I tried Medium/Deep.


Here it is on a Q-tip so you can see up close

This is color is lighter than my skin but it would still work since it’s going under my eyes and working as a concealer.  I have the same concern as I did with the BB Cream though.  It appears that I just made the cut off. If you are darker than me, this may not work.  You will probably have to blend it with your actual concealer so you don’t look too ashy or like you have reverse raccoon eyes. 🙁

The final product I tried was Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector.  Luckily this product is colorless so we all can use it.

I really liked the consistency of this product.  Unlike the first serum, this one is very lightweight.  When I finish my MAC Brightening Serum, I think I’ll give this a try.

Check out the cute little hair ties that were given out.

I’m holding my Garnier Goodie Bag outside of the Garnier Truck

Here’s what was inside!!!  Unfortunately we didn’t get samples of  the BB Cream in our goodie bags.


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I'm disappointed, because I really wanted to try the BB Cream! I'm agree that companies should take into account that women of color come in all different shades!



Yep, the lack of color range for the BB Cream was a huge disappointment. 🙁 Really hoping Garnier will incorporate more colors.

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