Fashion Week New Orleans 2013

Fashion Week NO SignI had the honor of working as one of the makeup artist on the Glam Squad with Key Makeup Artist Niala Howard, of Magnolia Makeup, a couple of weeks ago for Fashion Week New Orleans.  The event took place at The Sugar Mill from 3/21-3/24.

Below are behind the scenes pictures. As a disclaimer, I didn’t bring my camera with me to work so I had to use my phone to capture all of my pics for this post.

FWNO Backstage 1FWNO Stage B4 Show

FWNO Designer Looks Day 2FWNOLA MUA looking at looks wall Above are the runway looks for the designers on Day 2 of Fashion Week New Orleans.  One of my favorite looks on this day was the Purple Smokey Eye and neutral lip.  Here’s one of the models I created this look on below.

FWNO 1st Model Purple smokey eyeFWNO 1st Model Purple smokey eye down

This was the Glam Squad Room Makeup Artist Room.

FWNO Glam Squad Room

FWNO My Neat MU StationSo yeah, my makeup station began very nice and neat, but by the end of each day it would look more like the picture below.

FWNO Makeup Table End of day 2Sorry for the blurry picture.

FWNO Designer Line up Day 2Above is the list for the Designers and Models. This line up was very helpful in knowing what order to makeup the models.  Many of them walked for multiple designers so we had to make sure we did the right look at the right time.

Here’s a picture of me with one of my fellow Glam Squad Makeup Artists Phoenix.

FWNO Me with Phoenix

One of my favorite looks from Day 3 was a Strong Brow with natural glowing skin. See below the look I created on one of my models. FWNO Strong Brow look 1FWNO Strong brown look 2

One of the designers requested a natural look with bronzed glowing skin.  Here I am with one of the models I created the look on below.FWNOLA With natural look bronzed glow modelFWNOLA natural look bronzed glow

Another look I really enjoyed creating was the classic red lip with winged liner

FWNO Red lip soft smokey eye winged liner 1st modelMy fellow makeup artist, Phoenix captured a pic of me working on the model above. 🙂 2013-03-23 23.25.14

FWNOLA Me with my modelHere’s another one of my models I created a red lip with winged liner on.  She posted this cute pic of us on Instagram. 🙂

One of the ladies working with Fashion Week New Orleans wanted her makeup done as well.  She requested a bold lip and soft eye.  This is the look I gave her. FWNO Worker Bold lip look 1 FWNO Worker Bold lip soft eye look 2

Here are a couple of pictures of Phoenix and Britni creating Geisha looks.FWNO Britni doing a Geisha look FWNO Phoenix doing a Geisha look

Day 4 was the Bridal Show.  This young lady was my 1st model of the day. FWNO 1st Bridal Look 1FWNO 1st Bridal Look 2

This is model Chanda below.  I did a neutral eye and soft lip for her Bridal Look. FWNO Chanda's Bridal Look 1 FWNO Chanda's bridal look 2 FWNO Me and Chanda the model

After the show on Day 3 of Fashion Week New Orleans, I got a chance to take a picture on the Red Carpet. FWNO Me on the Red Carpet So glad I walked out the front instead of the back. I totally missed the red carpet the day before. Had no idea it was there. LOL! I worked all day and went home.

FWNO Me and BritniAbove is a picture of me with my fellow makeup artist Britni on Day 4.

I’m so grateful that Niala chose me to be a part of her Glam Squad for Fashion Week New Orleans.  It was an incredible experience.  I’ve worked with Fashion Shows before and had a wide range of encounters, but I have to say that Niala’s leadership allowed all of us on her team to learn, grow, be creative, and enjoy working together.  Each morning, I was excited to wake up and get to work.  I’m looking forward to working with her next year. 🙂

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