Fashion Houston Day 4

They stuck with the fire theme on the final night of Fashion Houston.  I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash played as we awaited the last collections of Houston Fashion Week.  The crowd was significantly bigger and it looked as though the audience stepped up their game with fashion.  It was a fashion show before the actual show began. The announcer alerted us that the designers were “firing up the catwalk” and a few minutes later the show began.

Cesar Galindo’s Rojo Collection opened up the show in a beautiful seduction of red.  There were beautiful graphics in the background on the screens as the models hit the runway.

The make up consisted of dramatic eyes with nude lips and glowing skin.
These pieces were very exquisite.
The man behind the clothing
Cesar Galindo walking down the runway with the models.  
He struck a pose
 and then thanked the audience for supporting him.  

It was very touching to see Cesar come on the stage and speak to us about how all of the pieces were original and one of a kind.  He stated they all would be auctioned and the proceeds would benefit World Aids Day. There will be no duplicates made. How awesome is that!!

Just when I thought the they couldn’t do anything else to impress me, here comes the 2nd designer Bibhu Mahapatra. 
Bibhu Mahapatra had a cool background that reminded me of a mixture between chains and the Matrix.
I loved this neutral colored 2 pieces ensemble because it’s elegant and still wearable off the catwalk.
The models wore brown smokey eyes with neutral lips and brown contoured cheeks. It was nice to see a somewhat dramatic look without being too over the tops.  The everyday woman can wear this make up and not feel uncomfortable.  Staying with the neutral theme, this look is also easy to pull regardless of the clothing you wear.
I noticed quite a few dresses with flowing fabric.  This was another nice one.  I loved how the color really compliments the model’s skin tone. 
This fabulous pearl colored evening gown is equally beautiful in the front as it is in the back.  

Bibhu Mahapatra also walked the runway with his models and posed at the end.

Up next was Robert Rodriguez whose His collection seemed to cater to women who wanted casual clothing with a little edginess but not so much red carpet/couture, which I felt was a good thing.  This meant people like me could wear his designs.

The models wore beautiful soft red lips, dramatic smokey dark brown eyes and contoured/highlighted cheeks.  
Great use of monochromatic colors and designs.  I wouldn’t have thought to mix the softer peachy/coral color with orange but it displays how to make it work perfectly with these pieces. 

I liked how Robert Rodriguez’s 2012 collection didn’t stick to pastel colors that you usually see for the Spring.  He was able to incorporate color and make it work.

There was a 20 minute intermission before the next designer came out.  During this time I was able to spot a few fashion forward people in the audience. 
Check out this guy’s pants and shoes!  They remind me of Fly Guy on I’m Gonna Get You Sucka. Well, except this guy’s shoes didn’t have real fish swimming in them. 😉
Here’s a lady with CD’s on her dress. Pretty clever.

Houston Fashion Week’s grand finale started with a special tribute  Becca  Cason Thrash.  There was a brief filmed presentation of her being interviewed and how she was inspired to design the pieces that were shown tonight.  There were pictures of her with her clients showcased as well 
It’s always fascinating to get a better understanding of how the designers developed the looks.  She used everything from paintings, sculptures, to animals (like ostrich). 
This black 2 piece made me and the people around me think of Michael Jackson.  I loved it.  
The detail that she puts into her clothing is just impeccable.  This ivory dress caused the crowd to gasp. 
Here’s the lady of the night Becca Cason Thrash. She seemed so humble and grateful to be honored. 

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Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

Looks like it was a lot of fun!!!

Royal Beauty Designs

It really was. This was the first Fashion Week that I've attended. I can't wait to go to another one.

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