Fashion Houston Day 3

The heat was still on for Fashion Houston on Day 3.  The designers for the night were Project Runway’s season 2 winner Chole Dao with Elaine Turner, Camilla, Fabiola Arias, and Norman Ambrose.

Chole Dao /Elaine Turner appeared to be the most popular and favorite of the night.  She definitely brought her A game for Fashion Houston.  From the beginning, it was full of life and retro.  There was Beatles music playing as the models strutted down the catwalk.  There were bright colors of green, pink, orange, purple, and blue flashing in different designs on the screens.  It was like a cool psychedelic trip to the 60’s.  It kind of reminded me of Austin Powers…except it wasn’t corny or crass.  
I really liked these shoes.
The models seemed to give more personality with this line.  They appeared to really enjoy wearing the clothes.  
Check out the pose on the left.  WERK!
This was my 2nd favorite dress.  I’m not a fan of the color combination (It’s unlikely that you’d catch me wearing pink and green together, ha ha! *wink*) but the design and overall effect was pretty and it looks very comfortable yet Chic.  I feel as though you could dress this up or down depending on the scenario.
Their make up consisted of bright coral lips, sculpted cheeks with soft contours and highlights with glowing apples of the cheeks, and soft eyes but strong brows.  Their hair was a bit retro with a modern twist with the bouffant ponytail combo.  
This dress was my favorite out of the collection.  I was mesmerized by the vibrant colors and the flowing fabric.  Of course the model made me want this dress even more when she twirled around.  ðŸ˜€
Chole was beautiful.  You could tell this was like a dream come true for her.  She received a standing ovation.  The crowd absolutely loved her.  

Here’s a cute picture of Chole posing for the photogs. I’m so happy for her. 🙂
The 2nd designer for the night was Camilla.  Wow! What can I say about her, besides the fact that she’s inspirational and phenomenal.  Before the models walked the runway, there was a short filmed presentation/promo for Camilla.  It included a behind the scenes view for a photoshoot, footage of her being interviewed, as well as   pictures of different celebrities she’s worked with.  Camilla is a world renown fashion designer with an extremely impressive resume’ to say the least.  She has styled Oprah, Kate Hudson, and Beyonce; just to name a few.  She’s worked on films and actually designed Avitar exclusive prints. 
Beautiful background with the pink, purple, and blue on the screens.  

These shoes are hot! I really appreciate the wider heel versus a stiletto. 
Camilla has a magnificent eye for vibrant colors. 

This dress received major applause!  The model truly made it her own and captivated the audience.
While the model was walking down the runway, I felt a bit hypnotized.  It’s like, you can’t help but get caught up in this dress. Bravo to both Camilla and the model!!
The 3rd designer was Fabiola Arias.  She’s accomplished so much at such a young age. Fabiola Arias has a background in painting and sculpting and this is very apparent in her clothing. 
She has a way with manipulating textures and fabrics that just takes your breathe away.  This collection had a vintage effect that took me back to church. 

This piece below really exhibits Fabiola’s true artistic side to fashion.  The head piece is a work of art in itself.  I could imagine this on my table. 🙂
This blue combo was all the buzz.  Do you see that head piece! Whoa!
I’m not sure where you would wear it as an everyday woman, but if you did, you’d command the attention of everyone around you.
She displayed very sophisticated and classy dresses and suits as well as drop dead gorgeous head pieces.  For make up, the models wore bold dark lips and cheeks.  
At the end, the models posed almost as though they were mannequins on display at a department store. It was a very nice ending and the crowd appreciated it.
There was a 30 min intermission before the final designer.  The DJ and the bartenders kept the audience entertained.  I remember hearing a house mix of Adele’s Rolling In the Deep that was interesting, not bad…just different.  
The highlight of my night wasn’t any of the designers but me meeting Grammy Award Winner and one of my favorite Gospel Singers of all times, Yolanda Adams.  She was sitting in the front row.  I know that she’s coming out with her own clothing line, I just forgot to ask her about it.  My heart was racing and I was so excited that it totally slipped my mind.  
She was so gracious to all of her fans that walked up to her.  I know I was very nervous at first because she was there with her daughter and I didn’t know if she wanted to be bothered.  She was soooo nice and was more than willing to take a picture with me.  
Okay, now back to the fashion show. LOL! 
Norman Ambrose closed the show with a spectacular array of designs.  The most talked about were the pieces that seemed to be Asian inspired because of the hats. 
The way he designed the orange and gold is just amazing.  I’m in awe over this. 

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