Elf Mascara and Shadow Shield Review

I saw this item a couple of months ago for only $3 at Target. I’ve seen different companies come out with versions of shadow shields over the years but for what ever reason, I never quite got around to trying them. I decided to give this Elf one a try. Elf Mascara and Shadow Shield I used it for the first time while creating my Ofra and Naked 3  FOTD. 

Elf Mascara and Shadow Shield with Naked shadowsElf Mascara and Shadow Shield with fall outIf you look closely, you’ll be able to see the fall out on the shield.  It works but it’s kind of uncomfortable.  I used it enough to blend a bit and take pictures.  After that I just put it down.  I think it may be easier to use on a client than myself.  Or, maybe I just need to play with it a little more to see how to make it more comfortable.  It doesn’t seem to fit easily in my eye area and it was annoying after a while. The best part about it is that it was only $3.


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you were using it the wrong way round honey!

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