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I’m always on the hunt for products to help me with my extremely overactive Sebaceous Gland that causes me to be a “greasy monster”.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’ve used so many products and have yet to find the perfect one. I realize that I’m going to be oily so I may as well just accept it and blot throughout the day.  I really like M.A.C. blotting sheets but they’re a bit pricey.  The Clean and Clear blotting sheets are comparable except they are really small.  I like the way that they work and how they feel (more like a film than a piece of paper.)  I went to Sephora and looked at blotting sheets that were Lavender scented.  I was quite excited to try them but they felt more like paper.  I didn’t want to spend $10 on blotting paper.  I want something soft.  I’ve been purchasing a lot of ELF products and I saw that they made blotting sheets for $1. I figured I’d give it a try.  Unfortunately, just like the Sephora blotting sheets, they feel like paper, and they are small like the Clean and Clear sheets, BUT they are very inexpensive so I plan to use all of these until I venture off to find more suitable ones.

You can see how oily I am.  The sheet is totally see through. SMH

Fresh Clean and Clear Blotting Sheet
Oil attacking the sheet Ha ha!
It took 6 blotting sheets to get rid of the oil on my face.  *sigh*

*The pictures of the products came from the companies websites

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Thanks for the heads up!

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No problem. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the support. 😀

Do you struggle with oily skin too?

I have oily skin too. I've used blotting sheets for many years. I think my first were from Clinique. The one's I have now are from Mary Kay and I love them, but I would like to find a less expensive one too. Thanks for doing this topic!


I should try these out. I have oily skin too, and it's absolutely the most frustrating thing to cater to as far as face products and cosmetics. I'm not well versed in the makeup world, so it's always a shot in the dark for me.

I was reading your earlier post ,and the MAC Skin Refined zone sounds interesting. I haven't had much luck with MAC since their foundations are too heavy for me, and some of their face stuff gives me breakouts. Maybe I need to reconsider some stuff? I look forward to hearing more products you discover that work well on oily skin! Thanks for the post!

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I used the Clinique blotting sheets a couple of years ago. They were okay, but they had a powdery residue feeling. Also, even though they were advertised to not take off your make-up, I still felt like I'd be missing my foundation/powder where ever I blotted. I've never tried Mary Kay's blotting sheets. I'll have to give them a try. Are they big or small? Do they feel like tissue paper or like a film?

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Totally feel you on how frustrating oily skin can be. Honestly from my experience it's just trial and error whether you're into make-up and skin care or not. You will have to just keep experimenting to find what works best for your skin. Most products for skin care and make-up that a lot of people rave about still don't work to control my oily skin. I think this is because a lot of people who say they have oily skin really don't have OILY skin. They may have normal or normal to oily combination skin. This means, these products would work better for them than for someone like me who doesn't have anything normal or combination about her skin. I'm just straight up oily all over. It doesn't just stay in the T-Zone.

Yes, so far the M.A.C. Skin Refined Zone has worked the best out of everything I've tried. I'm sorry to hear that your skin didn't react well to M.A.C. Maybe it was the particular foundation/powder that you tried, but another product may still be okay. You can always go to the counter/store and ask for a sample of the Skin Refined Zone to test out. Also M.A.C. guarantees everything for 30 days so you can bring it back if you have any problems.

You may want to try Clinique. I'm not sure if they still carry it, but they had a pretty good product call Pore Minimizer T-Zone Oil Control. It didn't work as well as Skin Refined Zone but it was better than not using anything at all. It was about $14. Clinique's products tend to work a little better for people with sensitive skin than some of the other brands. I haven't personally tried it yet but I've heard that Origins also has good oil controlling products. I do plan to check them out soon.

Thank you for checking out my blog.


Thank for taking the time write all of these suggestions for me I appreciate it!

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