Easy Halloween Make Up: My 1st Demon :-)

Not sure what to be for Halloween? No worries.  Coming up with a Halloween look may not be as hard as you think.  The look above was actually an impromptu idea from last night.  So how did I create this look? See below.

I started off with M.A.C. paint pot in Blackground.  I went over the paint pot with Coastal Scents matte black from their 42 Matte Palette.  I did his eyes 1st then we decided to really go all out and make him look spooky. 🙂

I created his wounds with Duo glue, red, yellow, and black matte eye shadows from the same Coastal Scents 42 palette.  I applied the Duo glue to his face and let it get tacky then separated it to make it look like flesh.  Next I applied the shadows and blended them on top of the glue.  Lastly, I applied an Estee’ Lauder gold lipgloss on top of the wound to make it look fresh.  That’s it.

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Great work! so creative!

Good job, i'm going to be Cleopatra, i'm not going anywhere rather just playing dressup giving out candy to the kiddies.

Royal Beauty Designs

@Midnight Manicures

Thanks Jeanie! You'd be surprised what you can create with products you already have. No need to go out and spend extra money on special effects/costume make up. 🙂

Royal Beauty Designs

@Lily Seymour

Thank you. Oooh! Cleopatra will be fun. I know you already have plenty of make up to create that look. Make sure you take lots of pics.

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

So freakin cool!

Royal Beauty Designs

Thank you Jessica! What are you creating for Halloween?

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