Do You Only Use One Cosmetic Brand?

There’s a difference between being a loyal customer and an exclusive customer.  I would describe myself as the latter.  I experiment with a lot of brands to stay up to date on technology and trends.  There are certainly brands that I prefer over others in which I’d say I am a loyal customer.  However, I am definitely not exclusive to any of them.

I have yet to find one company in which the entire brand works perfectly for me or my clients.  For this reason, I mix and match based on my needs and the needs of my clients.  With this being said, this doesn’t mean that it’s bad for you to be exclusive to one brand as a customer.  If you truly feel as though one particular brands makes everything you need, why change?

A make up artist has a responsibility to engage in continued education and to have an eclectic collection of products in his or her kit.   I would not recommend exclusivity for a freelance make up artist.  Due to him or her having to work with different skin types, tones, and textures, it is mandatory for you to be versatile.

So what are your thoughts on the difference between being exclusive and loyal?

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