Cover Girl Queen Collection Eye Shadow Quad

This is my first review of the Queen Collection eye shadow.  I purchased the Brass n Sass eye shadow quad last month from H.E.B. Grocery Store when they had all Cover Girl and Revlon products on sale.  I haven’t purchased Cover Girl or Revlon eyeshadow in years.  I just don’t ever remember them working well (except for Loreal HIP).  I’ve been hearing so much about the Queen Collection that I figured I’d try it out to see if these products were better.  Since they are geared towards women of color, I was hoping they’d be very pigmented so I won’t have keep building the color.  Here are my thoughts.

Brass N Sass

Looks promising from the finger swatches right???
Aww man!  Disappointed.  These swatches on my hand are very sheer. Very unfortunate for such pretty looking colors.

So it appears that the Queen Collection is not what I hoped it would be.  Can I make it work?  Of course, but it will require primer, a lot of product and careful application so that the product doesn’t fade away.  *sigh*

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Sorry for the disapointment, but CG eye shadows are not that great at all. The new lipsticks are AWESOME tho!

Royal Beauty Designs

Yeah, totally agree on that. I mean, they're not trash. I won't give up on the quad that I purchased because I really like the color combo, but I will NOT buy anymore.

I haven't tried their lipsticks yet. I was just gonna stick to the Queen Collection powders and bronzers since I knew those were good. I'll have to check them out. Any colors in particular you would recommend?

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