Continuing Education Pt. 3 MUFE Pro Road Show Austin, TX

The Make Up Forever Pro Road Show is a tour sponsored by Make Up Forever that caters to beauty professionals.  It’s a 3 day event that provides educational classes and networking opportunities.   Professionals are able to shop the company’s over 1400 products. Professionals are also able to apply on-site for the MUFE Backstage Card Professional Program which when approved gives you 40% off of the products.  The unbelievably awesome tour is…get this…absolutely free.  Pros only need to RSVP.  There is one class left that’s being held in Atlanta 11/12-11/14.  If you are a professional MUA, photographer, fashion stylist, or hair stylist I’d highly recommend you making arrangements to go.  You will not regret it.  You can get more info about the MUFE Pro Road Show here.
I attended the Make Up For Ever Pro Road show in Austin last weekend.  It was held Saturday 10/8/11- Monday 10/10/11.  I attended the end of the 2nd day and all of the 3rd day.  Unfortunately I missed the 1st day due to me working on Saturday.  When I walked in, William Edge of William Edge Salon Spa was presenting a workshop on How To Be A Successful Make Up Artist in a Salon Environment.  After sitting down, I looked around and thought, wow there are a lot of empty seats in here. I can’t believe more people aren’t here.  I think the title made most think the workshop wasn’t geared towards them because most make-up artists don’t work in Salons or Spas.  Well, let me tell you that the people who left early missed an enormous amount of helpful information.  Even though William Edge’s career is with his Salon franchise, he’s an outstanding teacher when it comes to educating artists, fashion stylists, hair stylists, and even photographers on how to manage their business from a money standpoint.  It’s one thing to be great as an artist/stylist.  It’s another to really be able to take care of your own finances.  I’m so glad that I attended.  I took pages of notes. LOL!  You can find out more about William Edge and his salons here.
William Edge’s class.
Later that night there was a Networking and Cocktails Social.  It was a great opportunity for all of us to get to know each other as well as the MUFE professionals.  I got to meet so many cool people that night.   Including people that I knew over social networks but not actually in real life.
Here I am with make up artists Gwen Pettie and Diana.  Gwen is a make up artist in Oklahoma.  I knew her from facebook but I met her for the first time in real life at this event.  She’s so sweet and amazingly talented.  I met Diana, who’s a make up artist in San Antonio, that night.  We clicked right away.  She helped introduce me to a few other people that night.  Thanks Diana! 
I met MUFE Regional Educator and celebrity make up artist David Hernandez. He’s so fierce, fabulous, and fun. 😀 He was actually going to Abu Dhabi the next day to teach classes.  I didn’t realize how blurry this picture was until I got home. 🙁
On Sunday there were three more workshops. James Vincent taught the first two 1.) Creating Beauty and 2.) Incorporating Body Art and Michael DeVellis taught the third one called Marketing Your Career. (I can’t believe I don’t have any pictures from Michael’s class. sorry)
James Vincent focused on how to enhance your client’s natural beauty.  He did looks that would work on the “everyday woman” at different age groups. The goal was to show how you can use the same techniques across the board.  You just have to know how to individualize it for the person in your chair at the time.  He really stressed that when working with our clients, we need to think like make up artists, not as consumers.  We also have to keep in mind that Beauty is different for everyone.  It also may differ by regions, and ethnicities.  (something that I’ve mentioned on here before. *wink*)

Here James is showing us how to use aqua cream as an eye shadow that’s waterproof and will last all day. It’s a quick an easy way to add color to the eye without using a lot of products.  To me, aqua cream is a bit similar to M.A.C.’s fluidlines.  

Here is James working with the same products but on more mature skin

The 2nd class of the day was a lot of fun.  James showed us how to use fabric, lace to be exact, to create body art.  Even if you’re not technically a body artist, he taught us that we may still have to incorporate it in potential jobs.  
He prepped the model’s skin with MUFE Face and Body, which by the way is  different from M.A.C.’s Face and Body.  It has more coverage and isn’t as wet.  Then he applied her eye make-up.  The assistants used black and gold aqua cream on the lace and a sponge to transfer to the product onto the model.  
Here’s the finished look. Pretty cool right? 
Michael DeVellis did a magnificent job conveying what it takes to really catapult your career as a freelancer.  He spoke about having proper business cards, websites, social networking, and portfolios.  
There was time in between sessions for us to shop at the “pop up” store.  Certain featured products were available at 50% off while everything else was 40% off.  As you can imagine, it was like being a kid in the candy store…so many decisions to make.  I kept going back and forth on what to get then versus what I could purchase later after I got my backstage card.  I decided to get mostly things that were offered at 50% off.  The other items were going to be the same price whether I purchased them during the Pro Road Show or if I bought them online.  It was my first time ever being around that many MUFE products.  There are only a few MUFE boutiques in the U.S. so it was a great opportunity to get a chance to see all that MUFE had to offer and be able to play with the products.  Even Sephora doesn’t carry the entire line of products.  Whatever was featured at 50% off was available to take home during the Pro Road Show.  The other items would be mailed to us.  The downside was that the featured items sold quickly so some of them had to be shipped.

Overall, this was a phenomenal event.  It was well planned and put together.  I will be eternally grateful to MUFE for providing such an A-class tour that was absolutely free.  All of the Pro Road Shows are being held at the posh W Hotels.  Oh and in case you weren’t familiar with James Vincent and Michael DeVellis, they are both world renown celebrity make-up artists and educators.  Michael DeVellis started The Powder Group, which is a professional organization for freelance artists/stylists.  Both of these men helped launch what was then a very small and new cosmetic company called M.A.C.  Michael DeVellis actually started the M.A.C. Pro program, which was the 1st of it’s kind at that point.    Even though both Michael DeVellis and James Vincent are at the forefront of the beauty industry, they are very humble and eager to meet all of the up and coming make up artists.  They take time to answer questions and are genuine in their desire to want to help others reach their career goals. You should google them, their very inspirational.

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Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

Wasn't it great!? I went to the Miami one & bought the HD concealers. Thanks for sharing

Royal Beauty Designs

OMG!! It truly was. I'm so glad I was able to attend. It was worth the drive.

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