Condensing AJ Crimson Foundations for my Pro Kit

I purchased the limited edition AJ Crimson CCC Palette last year and I’m so happy that I did. AJ Crimson CCC PaletteIt has become a staple in my professional makeup artist kit. I absolutely love this foundation and so do my clients.AJ Crimson Foundations with CCC Palette

I had the full sizes prior to purchasing the palette, but carrying all of the colors was too bulky.  The palette is great not only as a compact version of this amazing foundation, but also as a great way to try all of the colors.  It’s the perfect size for travel,  it was only $30, and it was totally worth every penny.  Because I use this foundation regularly on my clients, I’ve run out of product a couple times since buying it and I’ve refilled the foundations with my full size products.  AJ Crimson CCC Palette being refilled I took this picture a couple days ago as I was refilling a few of the colors and prepping my kit for last weekend’s appointments.  I’m using my spatula to scoop out the AJ Crimson Creme foundation in #2 from the full size container to the CCC Palette. AJ Crimson CCC Palete complete The above pic shows the completed palette.  I refilled #1,#2, #3, and #4.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years as a professional freelance makeup artist is the importance of a condensed kit.  This palette is perfect for reducing how much product I have to carry.

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