Completely Pain Free Way to Groom Your Brows for Women and Men

I get questions about eyebrows pretty frequently.  I’m grateful that people appreciate my expertise and for the compliments that I get on my own brows.  You’d be surprised at the difference a groomed brow can make on your overall appearance.  This is important for both women and men.  So what is my brow routine? It’s very simple.

I don’t get them professionally done at a salon (too many bad experiences led me to just do them myself).  I use twissors from Alcone and a spooly.

I started doing my own brows consistently after purchasing Sam Fine’s DVD the Basics of Beauty in Dec 2009.  That video has a plethora of helpful tips, hints, and pointers.  I’d recommend it to everyone.  It’s available on Amazon.  For more info on Sam Fine you can go here.

I actually met the amazing Sam Fine around this time last year.  He had a very nice event here in downtown Houston. 

I thank God that I was blessed with thick eyebrows so I really just have to clean up above and below.  I try to think of it as a balance since I hate my extremely oily skin. LOL! We can’t have it all right?

Au natural 
I brush up the hair to see the natural arch of my brows 1st.
Now I can see exactly what needs to be done.  I’ll cut the extra hair above and below my natural shape.
I use my trusty twissors to cut the hair above and below my brow.  This tool is so amazing.  It’s small enough to catch the finest hair without any pain.  No tweezers for me, only twissors. 🙂
Brush up again to make sure the brow is nice and neat.
Next get the hair in the middle.  No unibrows please.  Ha ha! 
So here we are so far.  
After this I like to use my fingernail to just smooth it out.  
Lastly, I check to make sure my brow is balanced with my eye shape and nose. 
And that’s it!  
Now you are ready for you make up. 🙂  I go over how I make my eyebrows stand out more in the next post.  I didn’t want to overwhelm you all in one post. He he!

For those who do need a little extra help with achieving a good arched brow, I’ve included some resources to help you below.

Using a Brow Chart or Diagram can be very helpful.  I found one on In this post there’s great info on how to arch your brows based on your brow shape.

Also if you are looking for more education and in-person assistance, Jennifer James is a veteran make up artist who specializes in brows.  She is currently on tour providing education classes.  You can get more info about Jennifer James here.

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