Comparison of Urban Decay’s Naked vs Naked 3 Palettes

The Naked Palette 3 came out a couple of weeks ago. Beauty lovers all over have been thrilled about the 3rd installment of the neutral palette by Urban Decay.2013-12-21 03.03.33

Initially I wasn’t interested. I remember all of the hype about the 1st one. I finally caved in and purchased it. You can see my review here. When the 2nd one was released, it didn’t seem to be much different from the 1st one so I didn’t bother to get it. It also appeared to not be as versatile, particularly for people of darker skin tones. So when the 3rd one came out I though ehhhh. I’ll pass. Well, I went to Ulta last week and saw that they had them in stock. Then…I don’t know what happened. Something just came over me, and I suddenly felt like I had to have it.

2013-12-21 02.57.24LOL! I swatched the colors and compared them to the 1st one and saw that they were actually different.

2013-12-22 22.58.272013-12-22 22.57.122013-12-22 23.07.15

I like that the new palette comes with samples of all 4 of the Urban Decay Primer Potion. The first one came with a travel size of the original formula (which I still have).

2013-12-21 03.04.442013-12-21 03.06.112013-12-21 03.07.00

The original Naked Palette is described as bronze neutrals whereas Naked 3 Palette is described as Rose Neutrals. Swatches of Naked 3 Below. 2013-12-23 00.15.51 Above is with a flash and below is without. 2013-12-23 00.15.33 From Left to Right:  Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, and Blackheart

I used the duo ended brush that came with the palette.  I didn’t use any of the primer potions.  The were applied to my bare skin.  I noticed that not all of the colors swiped well.  Some needed to be layered quite a bit. The easiest ones to apply were Blackheart, Burnout, and Dust.  It was very challenging to get Darkside, and Limit to show.  I don’t even remember how many layers I had to do to build up the color to show up.  I haven’t done an eye look with the palette yet, but I’d guess the colors will work a lot better with the primer potion added 1st.

So did you cave into all of they hype for the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette? If so what are you thoughts on it?

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