Comparing Brush Cleaning Methods

I mentioned the above products on my previous post about how I clean my brushes.  

I’ve tried quite a few different brush cleansers over the years.  Here are my conclusions about the results.
For deep cleansing

  1. Olive Oil combined with Elf Brush Shampoo has worked the best out of everything else I’ve tried.  This a relief since it’s an inexpensive option.  After using this combo, my brushes are conditioned and soft, disinfected, and quickly cleaned.  The downside is that it’s not a 1 step solution.
  2. Baby Shampoo is recommended a lot.  I’ve tried it.  It works. It just takes too long.  I also question whether my brushes are really disinfected because most shampoos aren’t anti-bacterial.
  3. Aubrey Organic shampoo was a more gentle alternative but still didn’t disinfect my brushes.  They were a lot softer though.  
  4. Elf’s Brush Shampoo works well and disinfects but takes a while to get my brushes totally clean when used by itself.  It also doesn’t leave my brushes as soft as I like them. 
  5. Dishwashing Liquid does a great job of rapidly getting the make up out of my brushes but leaves them feeling kind of rough when used alone.
  6. Anti-bacterial soap has worked well for me in the past.  It just doesn’t clean as quickly as I’d like nor does it leave my brushes soft. 
For daily cleaning/disinfecting 
  1. M.A.C. Brush Cleanser is definitely my favorite daily/in between cleanser.  It cleans pretty quickly and disinfects without any residue.  
  2. Clinique Brush Cleaner was actually the first brush cleaner I ever used.  I liked that it had a pump.  It makes it easier to use for quick purposes.  I also like that it has no fragrance.  It just doesn’t clean as quickly as I’d like. 
  3. Parian Spirit is a pretty popular product. It definitely cleans the quickest out of everything I’ve tried so far, but there are 3 major set backs. 1.) the strong fragrance 2.) the oily residue 3.) the drying time.   It disinfects and cleans quickly HOWEVER it takes too long to dry and the citrus scent is sooooo strong that it spreads through my entire kitchen and living room.  This fragrance stays on my brushes for days as well.  Now if you’ve been following me for a while, you already know I hate strong fragrances on my face. πŸ™
  4. Elf Brush Cleanser is okay.  I’ve been using it because I bought 3 bottles during my last big Elf Haul.  I like the pump, but I don’t like the fragrance (it’s similar to Parian Spirt), or the fact that it takes A LOT of product to clean my brushes.  It seems as though there’s more alcohol than any other ingredients.  I plan to use the last bottle that I have just because I don’t want it to be a total waste.  I would not buy this again.  
  5. Face Secrets Brush Cleanser is a product that I purchased from Sally’s Beauty Supply.  It cleans faster than my M.A.C. Brush Cleanser but not as quick as the Parian Spirit.  The major problem I have with this product is that it’s blue and it stains all of my white haired brushes. πŸ™ This means I have to shampoo them afterwards. Therefore it takes double the amount of time than the others.  

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Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

Mac brush cleanser is my favorite too for quick cleaning.

Royal Beauty Designs

Totally agree Jessica! Plus you can use the bottle for Back 2 MAC! πŸ™‚

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

Yup! ps. I sent you an email

Parian Spirit no longer makes the Japonesque brush cleaner. They have tried to imitate our formula and their cleaner is oilier and full of preservatives. Check on line where you can get the original Parian Spirit at its also available at Sephora stores under Citrus Brush Cleaner.


Well that’s so good to know Lee!! Thanks for sharing that info. I never knew that the Japonesque was an imitation. I’ll have to give Parian Spirit another try. πŸ™‚

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