City of Dallas Blogger Luncheon at Perry’s Steakhouse Houston Memorial City

A select number of Houston area bloggers were invited to attend a special luncheon with Veronica of the City of Dallas Visitors Bureau. She and Ameerah of Avie Prince Events put together a very nice presentation for us to get to know a bit more about Dallas.
I ordered the Filet Mignon with mixed veggies and mashed potatoes.  The flavor was ok.  Wasn’t seasoned as well as it was described on the menu.  My Filet was shockingly disappointing.  Perry’s is an upscale and well-known Steak house in Houston, however my Filet wasn’t as tender as I would’ve expected.

The desert trio however was pretty good.  I normally don’t like Creme Brulee’, but this one was actually good and I ate all of it. 🙂 There was a very cute little chocolate truffle that was even better than the Creme Brulee’.  The 3rd item was a piece of cheesecake that was better than what I expected. Unlike most people I know, I’m not a cheesecake fan.  I liked the consistency of this one though so it worked well for me.(it wasn’t mushy)

Due to time constraints, it was set up as a working lunch, but still very professional and accommodating.  Below we are listening to Veronica speak about all of the new attractions Dallas has to offer.

Veronica explained to us how much Dallas is really working to improve the city to be more diverse and tourist friendly.  They’ve invested over $14million in  marketing and revamping neighborhoods, parks, restaurants, night life, arts, parks and recreation, etc.

Above is a picture of me with Veronica.

Ameerah and Veronica had cute goodie bags set up for us when we walked in the private room. 🙂

Sarah was such a great helper and passed out the bags to us. 🙂

 Below are Shasie, Veronica, and Lynne

Above are Dominque and Priya (foodie bloggers)

Sarah, Me, and Vernetta

 Be sure to check out for all of the awesome attractions the City of Dallas Visitors Bureau has put in place and is working on in the near future.


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