Feb 192015

wpid-wp-1424409625488.jpegBeautyByLeRenda Milani Matte Lipsticks and Gloss

As I walked through the cosmetic department of H.E.B. Grocery Store, I was pleased to see Milani Cosmetics on sale for $1 off!! I immediately started looking for items I hadn’t used.  As I browsed, I saw new matte lipsticks. These are the ones I chose.  I also picked a lipgloss.BeautyByLeRenda Milani Matte Lipstick and Gloss hand swatches with flashThe picture above is with a flash.  The picture below is without a flash.BeautyByLeRenda Milani Matte Lipsticks and Gloss hand swatches without flash

 1st up is the Milani Brillance Shine Lipgloss in Berry Tempting.20150214_005753BeautyByLeRenda Milani Lipgloss It’s not what I was expecting. BeautyByLeRenda Milani Lipgloss Berry Tempting close up It’s disappointingly sheer.  It looks nothing like the the color in the tube. :-(

Next up is Matte Glam BeautyByLeRenda Milani Matte Glam Lipstick

Love this color! It reminds me of MAC Heroine but at a fraction of the price at only $3.99! :-)

BeautyByLeRenda Milani Lipstick Matte DivaIf you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that this Matte Diva lipstick was hands down my favorite of all of the Milani Lip colors. BeautyByLeRenda Milani Matte Diva Lipstick pic 2 It’s similar to MAC Pink Pigeon.  I loved this color so much that I had a mini “selfie photoshoot” while wearing it.BeautyByLeRenda Milani Matte Diva Collage 2 with flash The pictures above are with a flash. Whoa! Matte Diva almost looks neon, like it’ll glow in the dark. Ha ha! :-pBeautyByLeRenda Milani Matte Diva Collage 1

 I had to remember that I still had one more color to review. LOL! :-D

So on that note, last but not least here’s Matte Passion. BeautyByLeRenda Milani Matte Diva Passion close upBeautyByLeRenda Milani Matte Passion Matte Passion reminds me of MAC Lady Danger, just not quite as bold.

Overall, I’m happy with the Milani Matte Lipsticks and thoroughly disappointed with the Brilliance Shine Gloss.

Mar 282012

I know I’m super late in trying these as they were the cool thing to have last year, but I decided to try them since they were on sale at Kroger’s Grocery Store.

My first impression was that it still smelled like polish.  I thought that was strange.  Like the minute I opened the package, it was as if I opened a bottle of polish.  My 2nd thought was “Hey, these aren’t all the same color!” What the what? Check out the above picture.  As  you can see they haven’t been opened however there’s a clear difference in color between the left sticker and the right sticker. :-(

My 3rd thought was this packaging is hard to work with.  I’m not sure why, but I had a hard time opening the silver part of the packet to get the stickers.  Once I finally overcame that obstacle, it was a task to get the sticker on.

Above is my 1st failed attempt.  When I peeled the sticker off the back, it immediately tore. I also couldn’t see where the clear protective plastic cover was. Later realized that it didn’t peel off the way it was supposed to. 

I didn’t even get to the filing because as I stretched it, it tore some more.  Above is all that was left.  This strip was just wasted. :-(

I tried fixing it by taking it off and moving it over a bit but I quickly realized that these strips aren’t easy to peel off either.  They remind me of when you have a lot of coats of polish on your nail and you peel it off.  At this point the polish is really thick and soft so it comes off in one piece, but takes off a layer or two of your natural nail. :-(

My 2nd attempt was a bit better.  I just couldn’t get the sticker straight in the middle.  Then I had problems getting the creases out. *sigh* Notice the difference in color.

I checked with my tweeps and found out that a few of them had problems as well with these nail strips and they were not as easy as you think to put on. I had two people tell me they’d never buy them again and on even said she give hers away. Ha.

I was determined to at least finish what I started, even if it took me having to use the entire pack tonight.  Here’s my final outcome. Total Fail. The shapes don’t fit my nail beds. They don’t lay down all the way on my nail even after smoothing the stickers out with the stick and filing afterwards.  I doubt that they last throughout the night, let alone 10 days as the package advertises. :-(

I would not recommend these and will never buy them again, even if they’re on clearance.

Feb 262012

I purchased the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation during the same visit to H.E.B. when I purchased the Revlon Color Stay Lip Butters.  You can view those two posts here for part 1 and here for part 2.

My shade in this foundation is Caramel.  I wasn’t certain, but took a chance that the colors were the same as Revlon Colorstay…and I was right. *whew* *wipes forehead*

My first observation about this foundation was the fact that the bottle felt really light.  I was concerned a bit that it was not completely filled up.

My second observation was the dispenser.  It looks similar to one you’d find on a can of moose.  Here’s a closer picture below of what it looks like.

Here’s what the actual foundation looks like

A closer look.  It’s like a whipped consistency.  Ah ha! That explains why it felt so light.

So I know you’re wondering how it worked when I applied  it to my face right?  Well, when I initially applied it, I was disappointed because there wasn’t much coverage.  After applying more, I realized that the foundation was buildable…but had a very dewy finish. :-(

I’m totally not a fan of the dewy wet look for my face.

No matter how “cute” I tried to pose or smile, it wasn’t working

So I set it with my favorite MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder and I got happier results.

So my conclusion on this foundation is that it’s a good product and was a great value with my my H.E.B. Coupon! :-)

(which was the only reason I decided to try it)

I can’t say it will be my “go to” foundation, just because I don’t regularly use liquids, especially those that need to be built up for coverage.  I think it would be very good for people who have dry skin or if you just really wanted a natural  lightweight formula.  If you have oily skin, you WILL NEED TO MATTIFY.    I probably won’t buy it again for myself, but would consider putting it in my professional kit…when it’s on sale again. Ha ha!

Feb 202012

I’m always looking for products that keep my lips hydrated and smooth.  I happened to be walking down the cosmetics aisle in Kroger’s grocery store and saw that quite a few Sally Hansen products were on clearance.  So I took a look.  The lip treatment products caught my eye because I wasn’t aware that Sally Hansen made lip goods.  When I think of Sally Hansen, I think nails.

This is the back of the container.

I love the packaging.  I love shiny silver containers. LOL!

You get a good amount as well.  This is a big tube.

I’ve been using this product for a week and I can honestly say that my lips feel great!  It’s SUPER moisturizing.  When I wake up in the morning, my lips are very smooth and supple.  A little of this product goes a long way.  It comes out almost like a cream instead of a lip balm.  I guess you could compare it to the consistency of Blistex (without the strong menthol).  There’s no overwhelming fragrance or burning with the Overnight Lip Recovery either.  I’d recommend this product to everyone.  Even men could use it because it’s a lip treatment not really a make up product.

Feb 172012

This is the 2nd installment of my review of Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters.  In this post, I’ll focus on Tutti Frutti.  To see my first review, you can go here.


The picture above of Tutti Frutti was taken from Revlon.com

Tutti Frutti is on the right

Below is a swatch of it on my hand.  I’m proud to report that Tutti Frutti is true to it’s color in the tube.  I swatched it twice.

Here I am wearing it on my lips below

I’m pleased to say that I’m in love with Tutti Frutti Lip Butter.

I mentioned in part 1 that my lips felt instantly hydrated with Gumdrop and it’s the same with Tutti Frutti.  The color payoff is great and is just what I wanted.  There’s no strong fragrance so that’s a MAJOR plus.  The Lip Butters have a lot of moisturizing ingredients that do a great job of keeping your lips luscious. Some of them include:  Mango, Shea, and Coconut Butters.  I really like that there are 20 shades to choose from.  At H.E.B., the display unit had the colors separated into warm and cool colors. I’m not sure how the displays look other places.

I will be going back to H.E.B. to purchase at least 2 more of these before the sale ends on 2/21/12.

In case you weren’t aware, Tangerine is the “it” color for 2012 according to Pantone.  This is a very inexpensive way to get your lips conditioned and be in trend at the same time. :-)

Sep 112011

So after hearing so many people rant and rave about how wonderful Nars blushes are, I finally caved and bought some.  A couple of weeks ago Nars had a “20% off your entire purchase” sale on their website.  I knew I needed to be sensible and not spend too much because I was getting ready to go to Canada.  So I narrowed my purchase to just 3 blushes.  I made my final decisions based on Lily Seymour’s post of her Nars blush collection.  She has a great blog post and video of color swatches.  This was a tremendous help, especially for Taj Mahal because Sephora doesn’t carry this color anymore.

On the left is Taj Mahal (Woo Hoo! I finally got it!).  In the middle is Albatross.  On the Right is
 Exhibit A.  They retail for $26 regularly.
I’m really pleased with my products.  Nars is famous for their blushes.  They’re most popular one is Orgasm. Other colors I hear people rave about are Super Orgasm, Love Joy, and Deep Throat.  I haven’t had a chance to play with Love Joy, but on the website (which I know doesn’t do the colors justice) it didn’t seem that much different from my M.A.C. Love Joy (which I absolutely love).  I’ll have to check when I go back to Sephora. 
Lovejoy Blush
Love Joy 
Orgasm BlushSuper Orgasm BlushDeep Throat Blush
From left to right: Orgasm, Super Orgasm, and  below is Deep Throat.  Orgasm reminds me of one of my favorite blushes of all times M.A.C. Warm Soul Mineralize blush.  
As for the other three blushes mentioned above, I refuse to wear products with those names. That’s just me being old fashioned.  There’s no way I will feel comfortable telling my co-workers, my church members, or my mom that the blush that I’m wearing is called Orgasm or Deep Throat.  Sorry, that’s just inappropriate for my comfort level.  But, from what I hear, the colors are universal and pretty. I’m going to pass though.
Here they are swatched on my arm.  Can you believe the color payoff? Very good quality indeed. :-)
Nars Albatross on top and M.A.C. Vanilla Pigment at the bottom.
After swatching Albatross I thought, “Oh no, this looks just like my beloved M.A.C. Vanilla Pigment!”. Did I just waste my money?  
In the left picture Albatross is on my middle finger and Vanilla Pigment is on my pointer finger.
On the right picture the left swatch is Vanilla Pigment and the swatch on the right is Albatross. 
After swatching them side by side my conclusion was no.  They are similar, however there are differences in texture and color.  Nars Albatross is a bit more golden and slightly darker in color and more of a satin finish with smoother particles vs. M.A.C. Vanilla pigment being lighter and more iridescent with a frosty finish and bigger specks.
I can see that I will be having tons of fun creating looks with these beautiful blushes.  Lily Seymour recommended Luster blush.  The funny thing is that I had that in my cart along with a cream blush named Enchanted, but I had to be responsible and not over spend. :-(  I do plan to get Luster in the future though. 
Enchanted Cream BlushLuster Blush
On the left is Enchanted Cream Blush and on the right is Luster Blush.  
Have you all used Nars Blushes?  What are your thoughts on them?  What looks do you pair with them?
*Some of the pictures of the blushes were taken from the Nars website.*