Dec 312013

Ofra bag My 1st time hearing about Ofra Cosmetics was at The Makeup Show Orlando in 2012.  I remember seeing Ofra giving a presentation as I walked by.  I intended to go by their booth, but for whatever reason, I just never got back around to doing it.  Fast forward to this year at The Makeup Show New York.  While working with AJ Crimson, I got the opportunity to meet the owners David and his wife Ofra. They are wonderful people. Super friendly and they love meeting makeup artists.  I was amazed at how many products they had and couldn’t believe I’d never heard of them before.  They have skin care, tools, education materials, and of course lots of makeup.  To learn more about Ofra go to I’m going to do a series highlighting some of my favorite Ofra Products so stay tuned.

In this post, I’m going to show you my Face Of The Day (FOTD) featuring Ofra cosmetics and Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.  I’ll walk you through how I completed the look.Ofra and Naked before pic

First I primed my skin with the Ofra Primer Ofra PrimerI decided to do my face first so I could test out my new Elf shadow/mascara shield.  Here’s what I used on my face below.  I applied the Cover Girl Queen Collection 3 n 1 Foundation except under my eye area.  I used my Black Opal Foundation stick under my eyes as concealer and set it with Ben Nye Banana Powder.  I also used these two products down the middle of my nose and middle of forehead as highlights.  Ofra and Naked 3 Face products

Then I went to my eyes.  These are the products I used

Ofra and Naked 3 Eye Products I used the Maybelline clear mascara on my brows to shape them and hold them in place.  It’s a great alternative to MAC’s brow set.  Elf has a good dupe as well. Next I used the Black Opal Foundation Stick to clean up my brows.  Then I applied the Ofra Eye Primer Gel from my lash line to brow bone. Afterwards I began to apply the Naked 3 Shadows, the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion, Rimmel Mascara and beauty supply lashes.  See below for the steps I tookNaked 3 Darkside I used Darkside in my creaseNaked Darkside blended in crease Next I blended limit right above my crease as my transition color. Naked 3 LimitNaked 3 Limit blended above creaseNext step was adding Strange as my brow highlightNaked 3 StrangeNaked Strange blended as brow highligh For my Lid, I used Dust.  This color has quite a bit of shimmer and has big specks of color so I used my Elf Shadow/Mascara shield to reduce fall out. Naked 3 DustNaked 3 Dust with Elf Shadow Shield Here’s what my eyes look like so far.  There was still some fall out, but a lot less than if I wouldn’t have used the shield. Naked eye look before eyelinerNext I added Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Perversion as well as Rimmel Volume Flash MascaraOfra and Naked 3 look b4 lips and lashesNext step was lips.  I used Ofra Purple Haze lipstickOfra and Naked 3 look with mascara and lips done I added  #43 false lashesOfra and Naked 3 lash application 1st step Ofra and Naked 3 Lash application 2nd step Ofra and Naked 3 Lash Application 3rd step Here’s the finished look! Ofra and Naked 3 finished look 1Ofra and Naked 3 finished look 2Ofra and Naked 3 Finished Look 3

So, I’m absolutely in love with Ofra Cosmetics. I’ve enjoyed using everything I have from them so far.  I also really like the Naked 3 palette.  I can definitely see myself using this one more than the 1st on.  I honestly forgot that I had the 1st one until people started talking about the 3rd installment of the palette. LOL!

Nov 092013

2013-11-08 23.14.58This product has been out for a while, but for whatever reason, I never tried it. I would see it while working at the counter but I just never ventured out of my normal routine of using either the original Prep and Prime Primer or the newer Prep and Prime Natural Radiance Primer.

I’m a big advocate of prepping the skin before applying makeup so I always prime first. I regularly use Make Up Forever’s HD Primer on my freelance jobs when I’m not working at the MAC Counter. I love it.  It’s always nice to discover new products that work well so I can expand my options in my pro makeup kit.


I decided to try the MAC Prep and Prime Moisture Infusion Serum a few weeks ago because I didn’t have the Natural Radiance at my particular station.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the product works.

20131026_192800 This is what it looks like when you pump it out.

20131026_192813 This is how it looks after rubbing it in a bit.  It’s so lightweight and feels really good on the skin.  It’s a thin consistency so it blends really well without any residue.

The MAC Moisture Infusion Serum reminds me a lot of the MUFE HD Elixer. It’s like a hybrid between a primer and moisturizer all in one. It makes the skin feel hydrated  and allows the makeup to go on more smoothly. I’ve been using it ever since and my customers have really liked how their skin feels. It retails for $40. I’ll be adding it to my pro makeup kit soon.




Aug 262013

Skinn Orchid Gel TintAs I continue on my quest to find the perfect mattiying/oil controlling products, I will post them on here to keep you all up to date.  I was introduced to the Skinn cosmetics brand by my mom who tried some of the products on either QVC or HSN. She really likes what she’s purchased so far and recommended the Orchid Gel Tint for me to review.

Skinn Orchid Gel Tint Open I know this looks a bit messy. It has a unique creamy and whipped almost liquid texture that’s hard to explain. I’ll show you how it blends into the skin.

Skinn Gel Tint on hand no flashThis is without a flash

Skinn Ochid Gel Tint with flashThis is with a flash

Even though it’s called a Gel Tint, it really doesn’t have a tinted effect on the skin so any skin tone can wear it. See below how I rubbed it into my skin.

Skinn Orchid Gel Tint slightly rubbed inSkinn Gel Tint Rubbed in more

The first picture shows it swatched on my skin. The second picture shows it rubbed in a little bit.Skinn Orchid Gel Tint Rubbed inHere it is totally rubbed in.

I really like it. It feels different from other primers/mattifyers that I’ve used. I was able to make it from 8am to about 3pm without having to blot and that’s pretty impressive. It works for me about the same as the MAC Prep and Prime Skin Refined Zone, it just feels different.

Feb 272013

Loreal perfecting base I purchased the Loreal Magic Perfecting Base last month when I saw it on sale at Kroger’s grocery store.  I’ve had my eye on this primer since 2011 when I saw my friend and fellow Makeup Artist Jennifer use it for a photoshoot.  The reason I hadn’t purchased it sooner is because it was a bit pricey.  Before last month, I hadn’t seen it cheaper than about $13.  That’s a lot to me, for a drugstore primer that I haven’t used before.

Loreal Primer on Krogers shelfHere’s a picture of it on sale at Kroger’s.  I started to get 2 of them, but since I hadn’t used it before, I decided to wait and try it out first.  I ended up waiting too long to try it and by the time I went back, the sale was over. :-(  I’m not sure why it was a close out sale because the product hasn’t been discontinued.  I even checked the packaging and it was the same as the ones that were regular priced.

Loreal Primer openedHere it is opened.  I like that it’s a pale pink color.  So cute and feminine. ;-p

Loreal Primer on handHere it is on my hand.  The consisitency is similiar to a thick gel.  When rubbed into the skin, it just melts and provides a barrier between your skin and the product. It feels similar to MAC Matte gel, but a bit thicker.

Overall, it’s not a bad product, especially for less than $7.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best primer I’ve ever used in my life, but I can tell the difference between wearing it versus when I don’t wear a primer at all.  My makeup blends better and my skin is definitely smoother.  I didn’t notice that much of a difference as far as controlling oil, but I don’t think this product is even geared towards absorbing oil so I can’t hold that against it.  Again, I’ll say I can notice a difference when I wear it versus nothing, but I do have to blot a few times throughout the day. I’m proud to report it didn’t leave a white film so it’s safe for women of color to wear without appearing ashy. *whew*

Even though I do like the color ( my favorite colors are pink and purple.)  I don’t like the jar.  I’d rather squeeze or pump out my primer.  Yes, I know with jars, you’re able to get all of your money’s worth by scraping everything out, but I prefer tubes and pumps because they’re more sanitary.  Unless I find it on sale, I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

Oct 152012

I had the pleasure of performing during the Pre-Game show of the Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs game yesterday. The experience was incredible. I participated in this event earlier this year so i definitely didn’t want to miss it this time.  The goal of the performance is to raise awareness for Breast Cancer as well as show people you can live a healthy lifestyle by working out while still having fun.

Yay!!! Finally got a picture with both of my all time favorite Zumba instructors!! :-D On the left is Rashard of Zumba with Rashard and in the middle is Karen of Cha Cha Zumba who is a breast cancer survivor.  These two ladies have made a huge difference in my life.  They are truly incredible in what they do  and how they motivate and encourage their students.  I’ll always be grateful to have them as a part of my new healthier lifestyle.  Just to give you an idea of how Zumba has worked for me.  Check out the picture below of Rashard and I at the last Zumba Party in Pink Zumba Performance at the Rockets game earlier this year.

Unfortunately this is a blurry cell phone picture but you get the idea. Zumba is so much more than just having fun.  I’ve come a long way since January and the majority of it is because of Zumba and particularly Karen and Rashard. :-)

Below we’re waiting for practice to start. The excitement is building up.

These were taken right before our Pre-Game show performance.  We all work out at the same gym with Rashard! :-)

Below is a group picture with our shero Karen!  She has such a wonderful spirit that just draws people to her.  Karen is currently featured on a bilboard and posters for Susan G. Komen. Go Karen!!!

So happy to have had my friends and family come out to the game to support Breast Cancer Awareness as well as cheer me on during our performance! Shout out to my cousin Jackie for wearing her Pink shirt and bracelets!!! :-)

The Rockets Mascot Clutch was trying to shoot the ball in the goal without looking.  He didn’t quite make it in, but had some really close calls. Ha ha! 

My batteries died on my camera. :-( I took these pictures of Jeremy Lin with my cell. He’s a lot shorter than I thought. Ha ha!

Since I was performing on the basketball court, I wanted to go all out with the drama for my makeup. I wouldn’t claim this as an everyday look for me, but I enjoyed it.  I stuck with the Pink theme for October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I pretty much did everything pink except my foundation. :-)

I only got a couple of pictures before I left because I ran out of time.  I took these with my phone so of course the quality isn’t as good.  *I need to get a better phone ASAP*

In the above pics I was wearing my 1st Lip look which was Wet n Wild Don’t Blink Pink with MAC Lipgelee’ Preppy

Here I’m wearing my Lip Look #2 Wet n Wild Don’t Blink Pink with Stila Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss in Giggle

Note to self…make sure to take pics right after doing makeup…not at the end of the day. SMH.  It looked a lot better than this, but I left the house in a hurry and didn’t get to take pictures like I planned. :-(This picture was taken without a flash

Here’s what I used below to create this look:


  1. Isomers HD Primer
  2. MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Loose (Before and After
  3. MAC Prolongwear Foundation NC45 (decided to give it another try)
  4. Cover Girl Queen Collection Stay Matte Powder in Golden
  5. Skindinavia No More Shine Setting Spray (Before and after)


  1. Highlight is a mixture of Nars Albatross blush, MAC Vanilla Pigment, and MAC Glitter in Reflects Pearl Glitter
  2. Cheek color is La Femme Blush in Fuchsia
  3. Contour is La Femme Blush in Purple Passion


  1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
  2. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (on lid blended to brow)
  3. MAC Pigment in Milk on inner tear duct with MAC Fix+
  4. MAC Pigment in Fuchsia mid lid with MAC Fix+
  5. MAC Motif eyeshadow in inner crease
  6. Elf Cream Liner in Black on top lid
  7. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencils in Rockstar in water line and on bottom line smudged through lower lashes
  8. Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara
  9. Ardell False Lashes #111 (I cut them to make them wisp at ends)


1st Lip Look

  1. Kiehls Lip Balm
  2. Wet n Wild Matte Lipstick in Don’t Blink Pink
  3. MAC Lipgelee’ in Preppy
2nd Lip Look
  1. Wet n Wild Matte Lipstick in Don’t Blink Pink
  2. Stila Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss in Giggle
3rd Lip Look
  1. Stila Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss in Giggle by itself.  I’ll review this product in another post.


This is the song that we used during our performance.  It was soooooo much fun.


Sep 102012

I didn’t get a chance to participate in the Houston FNO (Fashion Night Out)festivities last Thursday due to me having to work at the MAC Counter. I did want to at least share my FOTD (Face Of The Day) that I wore.


Isomers HD Primer

MAC Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Dark

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in C7

MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Compact Powder


MAC Vanilla Pigment for cheek highlight

MAC Style blush on cheeks

MAC Blunt Blush as cheek contour


MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick and lipgloss


MAC Mineralized Eyeshadows Smutty Green and Blue Flame on lid and bottom lash line

MAC Texture in Crease

MAC Naked Pigment as Brow Highlight

MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in On the Hunt

MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NW35 to carve out brows and under eyes


Ardell #118

Loreal Voluminous Million Mascara