Apr 302014

Purple Beauty Blender with Sephora bagIn honor of the Pantone Color of the year being Radiant Orchid, Beauty Blender paired up with Sephora to develop an exclusive limited edition “Royal” Beauty Blender for 2014.

I was excited to get this product because pink and purple are my favorite colors.  I love them equally. The original Beauty Blender is Pink. I have a few of those and I also have some in black and in white. I can’t say that I really “needed” any more, but I couldn’t resist not completing my collection and having all of the colors; especially if the newest one is purple. Purple Beauty Blender in case So what’s so special about this particular Beauty Blender? Just the color.  I know when I’ve posted pics on Instagram, people have asked if they needed to get other colors if they already had the original pink one.  The answer is no.  If this one wasn’t purple, I wouldn’t have bought it.  It looks, feels, and works exactly the same.  The only difference I’ve noticed with the various Beauty Blenders is the Pink one bleeds a lot, whereas the other colors don’t. For whatever reason, it seems as though the Pink one is the hardest to clean. I’m not sure why though .Purple Beauty Blender in Hand I ended up purchasing two of the Royal Beauty Blenders. I’ve been using one and I have an extra one as a backup.  I admit to wanting more due to it being Limited Edition and only available while supplies last ( that usually gets me caught up).  Beauty Blenders are supposed to last for a few months so I may or may not buy another Royal Beauty Blender before the year is over. ;-)

Dec 242013


I attended a makeup mixer hosted by celebrity makeup artist Tai Young of Tai Young Style, a couple days ago here in Houston at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown.  She had a great turn out!


2013-12-22 16.59.13Unfortunately, as soon as I took my 1st picture with my camera…my battery died. *sigh* I was rushing from attending the Texans game and didn’t remember to grab extra batteries.  Needless to say, I had to take all of the pictures with my phone and they’re not the best quality.  :-(2013-12-22 16.59.07

I missed the beginning but I rushed over as soon as I could because I’ve wanted to meet Tai for a while now.  I’ve followed her on social media and I love her work.  I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.  When I got there it was standing room only.  I didn’t mind though. I was happy that she had so many people wanting to meet her and learn from her.  I was still able to gather a lot of pointers, tips, and techniques.  When I got there, she was in the middle of her 1st makeover. 2013-12-22 16.53.522013-12-22 16.54.08 She covered all of the basics of doing a makeup application as well as highlighting, contouring, and eyelash application.

2013-12-22 17.09.50

2013-12-22 17.18.33 Above is the neutral eye and red lip look without a flash and below is a more dramatic blue eye/red lip look.  2013-12-22 17.18.52

 She did another makeup application demonstrating how to do eyebrows and lashes.  Tai doing brows 2013-12-22 17.24.52 Tai Young 2nd model midway thru  When Tai finished the brows and lashes, she gave us a bonus by applying shadow and lips. She created an everyday look even with lashes and a pink lip. :-) Tai Young adding shadow to 2nd model I just realized I forgot to get a final picture of the 2nd model. My bad.  *smh*

Tai Young and I  Without a doubt, I truly enjoyed myself at the makeup mixer.  Tai is genuine and it’s so apparent that she loves what she does and has no problems sharing her expertise with others.  I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to meet her and learn from her.  Here are some of the pointers she gave below.

  • For Lip color applications: Before adding lip color, use foundation, concealer, or a nude lip pencil all over lips to even them out and to allow the true color of the product to show.
  • After applying lip color, set it with a transparent powder to make it last longer.
  • If you are not comfortable with wearing colors on the lid or crease or if you feel your eyes are too small to do dramatic looks; work with the bottom of the eye. Add a pop of color and/or smoke out your liner.
  • *Bonus photo tip* When taking pics, you look more flattering from a side view than front on.  (I’m totally doing this LOL! )

Tai has a new line of makeup brushes.  To learn more about her and her brushes visit TaiYoungStyle.com.


Dec 172013

This is the 3rd installment of my Favorite looks from 2013 series. To see part 1 click here and part 2 click here.

This look is featuring Magnolia Makeup’s Purple Matte Lip color. MagnoliaMakeup Purple Matte topMagnoliaMakeupPurpleMatteIf you follow me on FB, Twitter, or Instagram, you already know how much I love Magnolia Makeup! They have THE BEST pigments I’ve ever used. Their lip colors are amazing as well.  Below is a swatch of the Purple MatteMagnoliaMakeupPurpleMatte SwatchThis is a makeup look I wore with it below. I also used Magnolia Makeup Highlight Powder in Glo. It’s gorgeous! MagnoliaMakeupPurpleMatte Looking at an angleMagnoliaMakeup Purple Matte Right faceMagnoliaMakeupPurpleMatte Looking down rt  On my eyes, I used Magnolia Makeup Pigment in Ella on my lid. I used an olive green color from my Coastal Scents 42 Matte Palette in my crease. I used an orange from the same Coastal Scents palette above my crease. I used MAC Lithe Pigment with a white from the Coastal Scents palette on top of Lithe (to tone down the shimmer and lighten it up) as my brow highlight.  On my cheeks, I used MAC Extreme Dimension MSF in Glorious. I used Cover Girl Queen Collection Bronzer in Ebony Bronze as my contour.  With Magnolia Makeup Highlight Powder in Glo as my highlight.

MagnoliaMakeupPurpleMatte front face

Dec 092013

You ever put on  your makeup and think “Yeah, I did that” and pat yourself on the back? Ha ha! Well I want to share with you some of the times I felt like this throughout the year. I’m going to break it down into different parts and make it a series of My Favorite Looks from 2013 because it would be an extremely long post if I tried putting all of the looks and products used in one post.

I’m gonna start with my Purple Halloween look a couple months ago.Purple Halloween Look This Halloween I decided to go with a dark glam look. I’m not really into scary or gross stuff so I stuck with a beauty look,  just one that’s out of my norm.Purple Halloween Look 2

Purple Halloween Look Left eye openPurple Halloween Looking downPurple Halloween LipsPurple Halloween Look right angle Here’s what I used to create this look:


  1. Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation in Carmel
  2. Cover Girl Queen Collection Powder in Golden
  3. MAC Studio Stick in NC 50 for Contour
  4. Urban Decay Deslick Compact Powder all over
  5. Cover Girl Queen Collection Bronzer in Ebony Bronze for contour
  6. NARS Blush in Albatross as nose, forehead, & cheek highlight


  1. MAC Blackground Paint Pot from lid to crease
  2. Elf Brow Gel
  3. Temptu Concealer wheel 2nd to lightest color for brow highlight
  4. Coastal Scents 42 Matte Palette white eyeshadow for brow highlight
  5. Coastal Scents 42 Matte Palette dark brown in crease
  6. Coastal Scents 42 Matte Palette black on lid
  7. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Perversion upper/lower lash line
  8. Rimmel Mascara in Pink tube
  9. Beauty Supply Lashes #138
  10. Black Opal Foundation Stick in Khalari Sand for under eye concealer
  11. Ben Nye Banana Setting Powder under eyes


  1. MAC Extreme Dimension Mineralize Skin Finish in Glorify
  2. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Comfort


  1. Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in #15
  2. MAC Lip Pencil in Currant

Make sure to stay tuned for more of my favorite makeup looks from 2013!!! :-)

Feb 272013

Loreal perfecting base I purchased the Loreal Magic Perfecting Base last month when I saw it on sale at Kroger’s grocery store.  I’ve had my eye on this primer since 2011 when I saw my friend and fellow Makeup Artist Jennifer use it for a photoshoot.  The reason I hadn’t purchased it sooner is because it was a bit pricey.  Before last month, I hadn’t seen it cheaper than about $13.  That’s a lot to me, for a drugstore primer that I haven’t used before.

Loreal Primer on Krogers shelfHere’s a picture of it on sale at Kroger’s.  I started to get 2 of them, but since I hadn’t used it before, I decided to wait and try it out first.  I ended up waiting too long to try it and by the time I went back, the sale was over. :-(  I’m not sure why it was a close out sale because the product hasn’t been discontinued.  I even checked the packaging and it was the same as the ones that were regular priced.

Loreal Primer openedHere it is opened.  I like that it’s a pale pink color.  So cute and feminine. ;-p

Loreal Primer on handHere it is on my hand.  The consisitency is similiar to a thick gel.  When rubbed into the skin, it just melts and provides a barrier between your skin and the product. It feels similar to MAC Matte gel, but a bit thicker.

Overall, it’s not a bad product, especially for less than $7.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best primer I’ve ever used in my life, but I can tell the difference between wearing it versus when I don’t wear a primer at all.  My makeup blends better and my skin is definitely smoother.  I didn’t notice that much of a difference as far as controlling oil, but I don’t think this product is even geared towards absorbing oil so I can’t hold that against it.  Again, I’ll say I can notice a difference when I wear it versus nothing, but I do have to blot a few times throughout the day. I’m proud to report it didn’t leave a white film so it’s safe for women of color to wear without appearing ashy. *whew*

Even though I do like the color ( my favorite colors are pink and purple.)  I don’t like the jar.  I’d rather squeeze or pump out my primer.  Yes, I know with jars, you’re able to get all of your money’s worth by scraping everything out, but I prefer tubes and pumps because they’re more sanitary.  Unless I find it on sale, I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

Dec 132012
Keynote Speaker AJ Crimson on stage

Keynote Speaker AJ Crimson on stage

Celebrity Make Up Artist AJ Crimson was a keynote speaker on Day 2 of The Makeup Show Orlando. Hey gave great advice about working as a freelance makeup artist and how to really market your brand.  He has an agency called Blackboard Group and talked about how he would love to see the makeup community share more and work together.AJ Crimson Keynote speech

AJ stressed the importance of MUAs taking an active role in their personal brands and when working on photoshoots.  He encouraged us to stop undercutting ourselves and re-evaluate what’s working vs. what’s not.  For MUAs transitioning from retail, he urged us to stop thinking about makeup like you do when working at the counter.  Most products have multiple uses and it’s not always required to use so many different things to achieve a look. For example, you don’t always need a separate concealer as well as a foundation.  If you use a full coverage cream foundation, it can work as a concealer.  Sometimes, those extra products are just selling points. This tip is helpful when building a kit.  You can save money by investing in multi-purpose products.

AJ Crimson Demo 1AJ Crimson Demo 2AJ also did a makeup demo to promote his brand new Creme Foundation line.  He has 8 shades that were hand mixed and according to him were made with a lot of love. ;-p

DSCF6687I got a chance to talk to AJ.  He’s really passionate about makeup and having a product that’s easy to use on a diverse clientele.  His creme foundations as well as his lipglosses can work on anyone.  He had a booth set up in the vendors hall as well. Where he and his staff did demos and allowed us to test out his products.AJ Crimson Booth 2AJ Crimson BoothAJ Crimson Booth DemoAJ Crimson Booth Demo 2 AJ Crimson Booth George applying lipgloss

I wasn’t able to get all 8, but I did get three of them: 2 which is a light shade,  4 which is a medium shade, and 8 which is a dark shade so that I can mix them to work with my clients.

AJ Crimson Creme Foundation

I used this foundation for the 1st time on my fellow Houston Fashion Blogger Shasie.  I did her makeup last week for our Holiday Party.  I’m totally in love this foundation.  A little goes a long way.  Even though it’s a cream, it’s very light weight.  Shasie said it felt really good on her skin and she got lots of compliments.  I’d highly recommend this makeup!! Shasie b4 and after makeoverBelow is a picture of the two of us at our Houston Fashion Blogger Holiday Party sponsored by Saks. 380364_432160143504520_1388214687_n

You can purchase these incredible foundations at AJCrimson.com