Dec 282014

This is the 4th and Final installment of my recap of the Make Up For Ever Pro Artistry Classes. To see the other posts, click here for part 1, here for part 2, and here for part 3.


This class was on Contouring and was taught by Heather.  Below, she’s holding the MUFE Flash Color Neutral Palette.

20140316_172033 Heather began by highlighting, primarily focusing on the forehead,  nose,  and under eye areas. BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro ArtistryHeather Contourin

Then she began to contour. She explained how to figure out where to start.  Below, she’s showing the model’s cheekbone.  20140316_172150

Next, she applied a color that was at least 2 shades darker than the model`s skin color to the area below the cheekbones.  20140316_172811

Afterwards she contoured the forehead, temples, and nose.BeautyByLeRenda MUFE PRO Artistry Heather Contour 3

Below are the finished looks.

BeautyByLeRenda MUFE PRO Artistry Heather Contour 4BeautyByLeRenda MUFE PRO Artistry Heather Contour Finished LookMy battery was extremely low by the time this class started so I didn’t get a lot of pictures. I just made sure to get the highlights. This concludes the Makeup For Ever Pro Artistry Class Recap Series, which was also a part of my “Way Back When” series.  Thanks so much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts. :-)

Dec 242014

BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Fantasy Class

The third class I attended during this year’s Make Up For Ever Pro Artistry class  was a Fantasy class facilitated by Jessie Powers, Make Up For Ever Pro & Media Educator.  This was the 2nd class she taught.  To see my recap of the 1st class she taught on how to use the Flash Color Palette, click here.

She created an edgy almost drag or stage look for us. BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Fantasy by Jessie

Jessie taught us that there are two common ways to make the eye appear larger.  Either raise the brow or drop the lower lash line.  To drop the lower lash line you can use a white liner or intense smokey bottom lash line. To raise the brow, you can block out the brow.  She used Spirit Gum to block out the brows. She warned us that it doesn’t usually look too good up close so try to do this when doing a photoshoot in which the pictures will be edited or for a performance on stage.

BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Fantasy class by JessieOnce she blocked out the brows, she stated that it’ important to color correct the blocked out area.  She used the Flash Color Palette and mixed the peachy/coral coral color in layers, then added MUFE Full Cover #8 and set it with Super Matte Loose using a powder puff.  Jessie says powder puffs and sponges are essential when creating these fantasy looks.  BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie applying lip colorShe used a white base on the lids as well as under the eyes.  She started with light shadows (#35 and #41) .  Then used a warm brown bronze (#54) to add a fake brow highlight.  She used brush #214 (Jessie says it’s one of her essential brushes), a very small and precise brush.  She explained that when working below the eye for a look like this, make sure the eye is open (have client look up).  Next smudge the brown shadow below the lash line and later use a white kohl pencil to clean up the crease.

BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Classs Jessie Creating a Fantasy Look She added glitter and instructed us to make sure to to apply it before any black is used.  She finished the eyes with the Cake Liner in Black using brushes #172 and #170.  Another tip Jessie gave was to go section by section when doing eye liner.  She does this for two reasons. 1.) to make sure the line is well placed. 2.) allows you to blend if needed.

She used the brown mixed with a little white for the crease color and to make a new brow.  She also used it to contour the nose.

BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Fantasy Class by Jessie

Dec 202014

Welcome to Part 2 of my recap of the Make Up For Ever Pro Artistry Class that was held in March 2014. To see part 1, click here. This is my 2nd post of the “Way Back When” Series. BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class 2The 2nd class I took was Editorial Dark Beauty facilitated by Regional Artist Amber Lynn. As a warning, my battery was running low, so I missed some of the look being created. :-(  So, to recap what I didn’t get in pictures, she began by priming the skin with HD Primer.  She used MUFE Face and Body 20 and let it sit a while to get a bit tacky, then blended to get just the right texture.

She used Aqua Brow to shape the brows with Pro Waterproof liner for the wing.  She instructed us to never pull up the eye and to make sure that the inner corners are just as sharp as the outer wing.  Also it’s very helpful step back frequently to check symmetry. 20140316_141326Here’s Amber Lynn working on her model’s eyes.20140316_142157She used MUFE eyeshadows and blended them really well (even on the lower lash line), as well as the Aqua Eyeshadow Stick in 22E in the water water line to create the look.20140316_143249Then she did the lips.  She mentioned that she understands how it can be difficult to get that perfect lip, so she showed us how she sometimes holds the lips to get a straight line.  Great idea! :-)BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class 2 Amber LynnAmber used Aqua Lip 19C with Lab Shine Gloss on top.  For the cheeks, she used the very popular #92 eyeshadow with a touch (very lightly) of the fuchsia from the Flash Color Palette.

Amber Lynn did a great job with her makeup application and educating the class on the techniques she uses for editorial jobs.  I hate that my battery ran out before I was able to get the total completed look. :-(

Stay tuned for Part 3 of my recap of the Make Up Forever Pro Artistry Classes.

Dec 192014
This picture was taken in 2012 during my 1st visit to the Make Up For Ever Store in Dallas.

Make Up For Ever has done an incredible job in creating learning opportunities for both professional makeup artists as well as makeup lovers for years. This is the reason that I am a loyal fan of the brand. I love their commitment to education and building networks within the makeup community.

 This picture was taken during the “Pro Road Show ” tour Dallas in 2012.  Click the picture to go to the post.

This post will be one of the first of my “Way Back When” series due to this event happening in March of this year. ;-)

I’ve attended these Make Up For Ever classes since 2011.  In 2011 and 2012, the classes were for 3 days and were scheduled every 1hr 1/2.  This year all of the classes were still 1hr 1/2 but they were condensed to only one day.  You can check out my recap of the 2011 and 2012 classes I attended here and here.   I always walk away with a greater knowledge about the brand, new makeup techniques, and a bigger connection with other makeup artists. Oh, and did I mention that these classes are absolutely FREE!!!  :-)

BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class with Jesse pic 1The first class that I attended was on the Infamous Flash Color Palette, which was taught by MUFE Pro and Media Educator Jessie Powers.  She showed the class how to do a full face of makeup using this one amazing palette.

Jessie is mixing colors from the Flash Color Palette to make a foundation and concealer for the model

Jessie is mixing colors from the Flash Color Palette to make a foundation and concealer for the model

Then she applied the custom made concealer under the eyesBeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artisty Class Jessie applying ConcealerThen She Highlighted the model’s face.BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie Highlighting

 Next she blended the foundation colorsBeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie blending colorsSorry that the pic above and below are a bit blurry.  I tried to catch these pictures as she was using her hands.
BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie applying contourJessie created a contour color as well.BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Jessie blending highlight contour and face colorsNext she blended a couple colors from the Flash Color Palette to do the model’s eyes and lips.BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie mixing eye colorsBeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie applying Eye colorsJessie created two different eye looks to give the class some variation on how to use the palette for any occasion.  This was the 1st look.
BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie's finished eye lookThis is the 2nd look. She did a softer combo.
BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie's soft eye color comboAlso check out the pretty contour she created.  It’s not too over the top, but enough to notice.
BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class with Jessie and Natalisa After class the class, I took a picture with Jessie and Dallas MUFE Artist Natalia.

Make sure to check back for Part 2 of the Make Up For Ever Pro Artistry Classes Recap.

















Dec 152014


AJ Crimson On The Go Tour Flyer

In the previous post, I gave you a synopsis of the 1st half of the “On The Go” Tour featuring AJ Crimson and his AJ Crimson Pro products.  In this post, I’ll focus on the 2nd half of the class which includes Celebrity Lash Guru Ja’Maal Buster.

BeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal Buster talking to the attendees of the On The Go Tour HoustonHe gave us the background on how he developed his brand of lashes and the benefit of using them verses other lashes.  The biggest benefit is the way the lashes feel.  They’re very lightweight and easy to maneuver. The bands are thin which makes it so much easier to apply to the lash line.  (I can vouch for this.  I really like his lashes. I bought some last year when I worked with him and AJ for  the Glam Suite during NBA  All-Star Weekend).

Ja’Maal asked for a volunteer to apply his lashes on.  BeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal Buster's Model NikkiProfessional Makeup Artist Nikki was chosen as his model.

He informed us of the different styles of lashes and that each style was based on a story from his clients in his early years. The lashes have names like “Soap Opera” (which I wore last night), “Crush”, 2nd Date Guaranteed”, “Daddy’s Little Girl”, and “Disturbia” (named after the Rihanna video that he created amazing lashes for).

He showed us exactly how he uses the Ja’Maal Buster Lash Adhesive and Lash Tool to apply lashes on Nikki.

BeautyByLeRenda JaMaal Buster showing his Lash Tool20141211_204827

Here he is applying the lash to Nikki’s lash line below20141211_204917

20141211_20505420141211_205059Ja'Maal Buster applying lashes on Nikki

20141211_205850Next Ja’Maal gave Nikki a chance to practice using the Ja’Maal Buster Lash Tool to apply the lash herself. BeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal Buster showing Nikki how to use his Lash ToolBeautyByLeRenda Nikki using the Ja'Maal Buster Lash ToolBeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal helping Nikki apply her lashes

Ja’Maal explained how versatile his lashes are and did a bonus demo to show how to add drama and glam by stacking his lashes. He asked for another model to show the difference stacking lashes can make on your clients.BeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal telling class about versatility of his lashes
Ja’Maal informing us how to use his Lash holder to stack lashes for a more dramatic effectBeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal Buster showing us his Lash Tool He instructed us to remember to apply the most dramatic lash at the bottom. BeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal Buster stacking lashes

Then he applied the stacked lashes to the model’s lash line.  Beauty By LeRenda Ja'Maal Buster applying stacked lashesBeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal applying stacked lashesBeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal Buster finishing the stacked lashes application

 Selfies!! :-)BeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal Buster and his model taking selfies

Here is the multi-pack of Ja’Maal Buster Lashes being passed through the class.  These would be great for Professional Makeup Artists to have in their Pro kits.  :-)
BeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal Buster Lashes being passed around Here are a few more pictures from the event.  It was very successful.  I’m so glad I was able to attend.  BeautyByLeRenda posing in middle of AJ Crimson bannersMe posing in front of the classroom after the event. BeautyByLeRenda AJ Crimson and Ja'Maal Buster lineThere was a very long line to buy products after the class was over.  It stretched from the classroom all the way to the front door of the store.  People were super duper excited to buy the products. :-)Beauty By LeRenda with Brian Champagne at "On The Go" Tour  Celebrity Makeup Artist Brian Champagne came by to show AJ and Ja’Maal support.  I was eager to finally meet him in person.  I’ve followed him on social media for a while now.  He’s very nice and even provided some of us pointers and tips. Thanks Brian! :-) Beauty By LeRenda with Ja'Maal Buster at the "On The Go" Tour Me with Ja’Maal Buster!! :-)

BeautyByLeRenda selfies with AJSelfies with AJ.  Oh and this great lighting is due to The Makeup Light.

Dec 132014

Yaaaaaasss!!! Two Celebrity Beauty Pros in one class. AJ Crimson and Ja’Maal Buster have been touring the country and they stopped in Houston a couple nights ago! :-)

AJ Crimson On The Go Tour Flyer

This is a 12 city tour that initially began with Celebrity Makeup Artist AJ Crimson educating his fans on his AJ Crimson Pro products and makeup techniques.  Before the St. Louis stop, Celebrity Lash Guru Ja’Maal Buster was added to the tour to facilitate lash techniques and to meet his “Lash Barbies”.  What an amazing combo!!!!

BeutyByLeRenda AJ Crimson and JaMaal Buster speaking to the Houston class for the On The Go Tour

The event was held at The MUA Project (side note, if you’re anywhere near the Houston area and you’re a Pro Makeup Artist or even a Makeup Lover, you NEED to stop by this awesome store).BeautyByLeRenda The MUA Project Sign It was a packed house.

BeautyByLeRenda AJ and JaMaal OTR Tour attendees 1BeautyByLeRenda Kimmie taking a selfie at the AJ Crimson JaMaal Buster On The Run TourBeautyByLeRenda AJ Crimson and JaMaal Buster attendees for Houston On The Go Tour

Before doing makeup and Lash applications, both AJ Crimson and Ja’Maal Buster gave their fans a summary of their backgrounds, which are truly inspiring.  They gave advice and shared some interesting tips to motivate everyone.

BeautyByLeRenda AJ Greeting the classBeautyByLeRenda Ja'Maal Buster talking to the attendees of the On The Go Tour Houston

AJ went first with the Makeup Application.  He asked for volunteers and chose a young lady named Resha to be his model.

BeautyByLeRenda Resha the volunteer Model for AJ taking off her makeupBeautyByLeRenda AJ Telling attendees about the AJ Crimson Pro Creme Foundations

He began by explaining to us the benefits of his AJ Crimson Pro Creme Foundations.  Then he moisturized her face and applied the Banana Creme makeup to highlight.

BeautyByLeRenda AJ Crimson using the Beauty Blender BeautyByLeRenda AJ Criimson explaining his highlighting technique

AJ showed us how he mixes the AJ Crimson Pro Creme Foundation colors to really work with the skin.  He explained how to use different shades to bring dimension to the face.  BeautyByLeRenda AJ Crimson using the AJ Crimson Pro CremeBeautyByLeRenda AJ Crimson applying AJ Crimson Pro Creme Foundation on model 1BeautyByLeRenda AJ Crimson applying AJ Crimson Pro Creme Foundation on Model pic 2BeautyByLeRenda AJ Crimson's Model Resha showing how pretty her skin looks

He also informed us that he doesn’t mind using other brands as well to complete a great look.  He often uses Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate in either 1 or 2 to create a glowing effect to the skin

Aj using Tom Ford Shade and Iluminate

Next he added his brand new Lip and Cheek color palette. BeautyByLeRenda AJ Crimson holding his Lip and Cheek Color PaletteAJ used the peach color on Resha’s cheeksBeautyByLeRenda AJ Crimson Lip and Cheek Palette used in On The Go Tour I’ve been waiting months to see this palette in real life.  Please excuse the blurry picture. I captured this as it was literally being passed  around the class so that we could see the palette close up.

He finished with the eyes. 20141211_202814

And to top it off he took selfies with Resha, his model for the night. Ha ha! :-pBeautyByLeRenda AJ Crimson and his model Resha taking a selfie Make sure to check out  part 2 of my AJ Crimson and Ja’Maal Buster “On The Go” Tour Recap to see highlights from Ja’Maal’s segment. :-)