Nov 112014

image American Textile Recycling Service or ATRS hosted the Houston Fashion Bloggers for an exclusive thrifting event at the corporate office in Houston.


image The amazing ATRS staff pulled out all the stops.  They picked their Fall Favorites for us to try on and take pictures of. We were thrilled to see the variety of items! Everything was very well organized.

imageCheck out Jasmine of striking a pose. ☺️:-)

The ATRS Staff set up racks of clothing for us to try on. imageimageimageimage They also had a gorgeous spread of accessories that included shoes, jewelry, purses, and even hats!

imageimage Hey Taylor of :-)

imageThese boots caught my eye! Unfortunately, they weren’t my size. :-(


imageLook at how cute this purse is, annnd…it matched my hair. LOL!!! :-D

image image I’m not much of a hat person but something was special about this one. image imageIn the above pictures, I’m on the “Green Carpet” modeling my accessories that I picked out!


 Above is Houston Fashion Blogger founder, Shalanda of on the Green Carpet with her ensemble. Below are or hostesses from ATRS werking the Green Carpet image

As a courtesy for the Houston Fashion Bloggers coming out to ATRS and sharing the info on social media, we were surprised with the gift of being allowed to take home what we picked out!! It was hard to choose my purse. I contemplated for a while and finally decided on the green bag. I already have a purple as well as a yellow bag.  This will be my 1st green one.

imageI had a great time at the ATRS Houston Fashion Bloggers meetup! I’m looking forward to be able to do more recycled thrift shopping with them in the future. I’d  highly recommend you check them out.  Especially if you’re environmentally conscious and appreciate “Eco Chic” apparel. Go to for more info.

Mar 082014

The 2nd Show I worked on was for designer Ernest Alexander. He’s based in NYC and proudly manufactures 100% of  his line in the USA, with most pieces being made in the Garment District.  When I walked into the studio, he was actually one of the 1st people I met as I walked in the room. That was awesome!  He’s so nice and appreciative of all of the people who worked with him on his show. :-)

2014-02-05 17.16.37How cool is this car with the designer’s name on it? :-) IMG_20140205_232900Check out all of the snow that was shoved to the side. *whew*20140205_171312 I love how they went all out with the fashion.  Even with the cars.  I’m guessing Cadillac was one of the sponsors for the show.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to assist Key Makeup Artist Monae Everett. This was another Men’s Wear Fashion Show.  Here she is in action. Monae was showing us the look for the show.  IMG_20140205_142217 Beauty Blender reps came by to supply us with tools to use on the models.  You’ll notice she’s using a Beauty Blender in the picture.   Evolution Man was a sponsor for the makeup team.  Here are the products we used backstage on the models.

2014-02-05 14.09.57

Here’s my very condensed makeup station

These guys were a lot of fun to work with and had great personalities. I even met one model who moved from Houston not too long ago. Here are two of the models I worked with below. 2014-02-05 15.01.152014-02-05 15.24.31 Here’s more behind the scenes action.  2014-02-05 16.11.242014-02-05 16.53.142014-02-05 16.53.542014-02-05 16.55.422014-02-05 16.55.512014-02-05 16.59.16  Below is an #Usie with two of my fellow glam squad members Shrini, and Danielle.  Check out the model behind us doing a photobomb. LOL! :-D2014-02-05 15.55.56-1

Stay tuned for more of my experiences during NYFW 2014.  Also if you missed the 1st part click here. :-)

Feb 282014

WOW! Would be the short and sweet version of my 1st New York Fashion Week experience, however, I’m sure you’d prefer actual details of my trip. LOL! :-)

NYC Selfie at the Park with Snow 1 I had to take selfies with the snow in the background because before this trip, I’d never been in real snow. :-)NYC Selfie in the park with snow 2 By the way, I’m wearing MAC Lipstick in Sin. It’s a Pro color.  It lasted all day! Like, for real. I took it off before I went to sleep that night.  I tried it on at the MAC Pro Soho store and kept it on.

MAC Pro Selfie

I almost got it, but it’s so close to Diva.  I really couldn’t justify buying it. Here are swatches below.  The Beauty Blogger in me couldn’t resist doing a product review while I was in NYC. LOL! :-)MAC Sin Lipstick Label

MAC Sin vs Diva Hand Swatches

Me in front of the MAC Pro Sign I was on my way to work on a photoshoot with UK Designer Blessed Zion. This explains why I’m at the store with my Zuca and my bag. You know, just in case you were wondering.  Ha ha ha! :-P

Now back to talking about New York Fashion Week. I was blessed to be able to work on 4 fashion shows while in NYC. I almost did 5, but due to the snow on Sunday, the promoter felt it would be best to cancel it. So we did a photoshoot instead.

The 1st show I worked on was on 2/4/14. I assisted Celeb Makeup Artist AJ Crimson who was the Key for the Michael Bastian Show. It was a Mens Wear show and I had a great time. AJ Crimson Michael Bastian TeamAbove is a picture of the AJ Crimson Glam Squad for the Michael Bastian Show. Here are a few behind the scenes shots I took. 2014-02-04 13.02.52The hair and makeup team getting prepared for the models to come in.
2014-02-04 13.00.31Above is my makeup station set up. :-) Below is a picture of the models, and designer team getting the guys ready for the runway
2014-02-04 15.43.55

Muji was one of the sponsors for the makeup team.  They provided these amazing masks for skin prep.  I forgot to take a picture of them, but they’re really small; like the size of a nickle.  Once you wet them, they expand and you just peel it a part and place it on the face for a few minutes.  It provides instant hydration to the skin and makes it smooth and ready for makeup.   Below is a picture of AJ showing us how to use the Muji Masks.2014-02-04 13.12.452014-02-04 13.14.342014-02-04 13.14.46After the time is up for the mask, he sprayed Caudalie Beauty Elixir (also one of the sponsors for the Makeup Team). Then he perfected the skin with his AJ Crimson Creme Foundation
2014-02-04 13.18.20 Here are a couple of the looks from the show below.

Behind the scenes at the Michael Bastian NYFW 2014 show

Behind the scenes at the Michael Bastian NYFW 2014 show

2014-02-04 15.44.10

Michael Bastian NYFW Behind the Scenes

Michael Bastian NYFW Behind the Scenes

I have so much to share with you all. It’s hard for me to know when to stop so that I don’t overload you in one post.  I’m still trying to decide just how many parts I’m going to break up this series into.  In the meantime, I’ll stop here for the 1st part.  Make sure to stay tuned to find out more about my 1st experience working at NYFW!!! :-)

Dec 242013


I attended a makeup mixer hosted by celebrity makeup artist Tai Young of Tai Young Style, a couple days ago here in Houston at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown.  She had a great turn out!


2013-12-22 16.59.13Unfortunately, as soon as I took my 1st picture with my camera…my battery died. *sigh* I was rushing from attending the Texans game and didn’t remember to grab extra batteries.  Needless to say, I had to take all of the pictures with my phone and they’re not the best quality.  :-(2013-12-22 16.59.07

I missed the beginning but I rushed over as soon as I could because I’ve wanted to meet Tai for a while now.  I’ve followed her on social media and I love her work.  I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.  When I got there it was standing room only.  I didn’t mind though. I was happy that she had so many people wanting to meet her and learn from her.  I was still able to gather a lot of pointers, tips, and techniques.  When I got there, she was in the middle of her 1st makeover. 2013-12-22 16.53.522013-12-22 16.54.08 She covered all of the basics of doing a makeup application as well as highlighting, contouring, and eyelash application.

2013-12-22 17.09.50

2013-12-22 17.18.33 Above is the neutral eye and red lip look without a flash and below is a more dramatic blue eye/red lip look.  2013-12-22 17.18.52

 She did another makeup application demonstrating how to do eyebrows and lashes.  Tai doing brows 2013-12-22 17.24.52 Tai Young 2nd model midway thru  When Tai finished the brows and lashes, she gave us a bonus by applying shadow and lips. She created an everyday look even with lashes and a pink lip. :-) Tai Young adding shadow to 2nd model I just realized I forgot to get a final picture of the 2nd model. My bad.  *smh*

Tai Young and I  Without a doubt, I truly enjoyed myself at the makeup mixer.  Tai is genuine and it’s so apparent that she loves what she does and has no problems sharing her expertise with others.  I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to meet her and learn from her.  Here are some of the pointers she gave below.

  • For Lip color applications: Before adding lip color, use foundation, concealer, or a nude lip pencil all over lips to even them out and to allow the true color of the product to show.
  • After applying lip color, set it with a transparent powder to make it last longer.
  • If you are not comfortable with wearing colors on the lid or crease or if you feel your eyes are too small to do dramatic looks; work with the bottom of the eye. Add a pop of color and/or smoke out your liner.
  • *Bonus photo tip* When taking pics, you look more flattering from a side view than front on.  (I’m totally doing this LOL! )

Tai has a new line of makeup brushes.  To learn more about her and her brushes visit


Nov 172013

DSCF0723I attended Fashion Houston last night and boy what a show it was! There was a great line up of fashion designers including: Johanna Johnson, Zachary Prell, Haute Hippie, and Wes Gordon closing out the show.

This was my 3rd year in a row attending Fashion Houston and covering it on my blog. I noticed some extreme differences from the previous years.  The biggest being there was no pre-party to mingle and network. No way to interact with vendors or other fashion designers who had products to display and sell.  No way to really get you excited for the show. :-( Instead of the gorgeous tent outside to walk into and interact with other fashion lovers, there was just a really long red carpet outside that led you right into the Wortham Theater. DSCF0708


DSCF0721Once the show started we received an introductionDSCF0724

Then the show began with Johanna Johnson as the 1st designerDSCF0725DSCF0728DSCF0731DSCF075120131115_20431620131115_20432920131115_204642

The next designer was Menswear from Zachary Prell20131115_210132DSCF0797DSCF0804

We had live entertainment from a saxophonist during intermission20131115_210933


The third designer was Haute HippieDSCF0868DSCF085620131115_21484620131115_215700

Wes Gordon closed the showDSCF087920131115_22134520131115_221359IMG_20131115_22162220131115_22130020131115_22130720131115_221429

Here is my Press Pass from the show20131115_224707

It was nice to see my fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers20131115_194456138456822571720131115_194848

It was also nice meeting new people as well.

I sat next to these two ladies in the press pit during the show.


This is me with Natalie. She’s a blogger and also a freelance makeup artist. :-)20131115_201923 This is me with Precell. She’s fashion stylist from New Orleans. :-)

Oct 012013

DSCF0437I was so happy to be invited to attend the Beauty Blogger Preview for The Makeup Show Orlando!!! This is an exclusive event that occurs the evening before The Makeup Show starts to give Beauty Bloggers a heads up on what to look for and what products would be great to review.

DSCF0432It was held in the Orlando Room, which is the same nice ballroom that the keynote speakers were in for the next 2 days.

DSCF0433James Vincent gave a detailed introduction of The Makeup Show and explained why he likes the products that were provided for the Beauty Bloggers to review.  He informed us that there were over 100 vendors in attendance.  He let us know that Orlando is the warmest location for The Makeup Show (literally and figuratively). Because it’s smaller, attendees get to really interact with the business owners, and makeup artists get more time to truly network and build relationships with people. I totally agree with this. I attended the 1st one last year and I made a lot of good connections. A benefit of going to a smaller venue is it’s more intimate, you’re not rushed, and you don’t have to squeeze through everyone to make it down the aisle. :-)

He told us what to expect fro The Makeup Show Orlando.

  • Education
  • Networking opportunities
  • Products at pro discounted rates to help build your kit

DSCF0439Shout out to MUA Bethany Townes who did a fantastic job of helping all of the speakers set up.

Sharon (Mama Makeup) Gault graced us with her presence. She was one of the upcoming Keynote Speakers. I caught a picture of her walking in as James Vincent introduced her. DSCF0438One of the first products he talked about was the Lait-Creme Concentre  Nourishing moisturizer from Embryolisse. For years I’ve heard professional makeup artists rave about this brand. I’m excited to review this product. This cream is for all skin types and has multiple uses.


 We received cool hair ties from The Science of Fabulous.

2013-09-27 18.22.41

 We received mascara from Ellis Faas. I’ve recently heard great things about this brand. This booth was actually right next to the AJ Crimson booth that I worked at. Their packaging is awesome.

 James Vincent spoke so highly of this mascara. I had to take it out and get a closer look. :-)

James Vincent spoke so highly of this mascara. I had to take it out and get a closer look. :-)

Ellis Faas Booth

2013-09-28 15.54.57Above is a picture of David from the Ellis Faas Booth. They were right next to the AJ Crimson booth that I worked at. He was a ball of energy! Yes, those bullet looking pieces have makeup inside. Ha ha! :-)

Stila gave the Beauty Bloggers a Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm. You know I’m super excited to try this due to me always being on the search for oil-controlling products. James V holding Stila balm 1James V holding the stila balm 2

We received a brush from the new Artisan brush collection from Makeup Forever. Woo Hoo!James V holding MUFE Brushes MUFE Brush from BBlogger Preview *Sorry some of these pics are blurry.   I was trying to take notes, listen, and hurry & take a pictures with my phone. Ha ha! I need to improve my multi-tasking skills.* :-D

Yay! We received the new NARS Eye Paint. My bag had the color Tatar. 2013-09-27 18.33.26 We received a package of Crown Brush goodies that included powder puffs, Eye liner, tweezers.  James said even though he loves brushes, it’s important to still use powder puffs, especially if you are trying to press product into the skin without any traces of brush strokes for HD. Powder Puffs also do a better job of setting powder for a long lasting effect. James V holding Crown Brush Goodies

Below James is holding a limited edition Makeup Forever Palette he put together that has neutral colors that work on everyone.


He also put together a special makeup artist kit with Makeup Forever products that are essentials for a freelance makeup artist. This is exclusive to The Makeup Show Orlando.


Below I’m with fellow Beauty Blogger Khia of Killer Lipgloss! So happy to have met her. I’ve followed her blog for a couple of years as well as on different social media outlets.  I spotted her while we were waiting to check in to the Beauty Blogger Preview event. I was drawn to her gorgeous purple lips. I walked over and realized who she was and was so happy. She’s super cool and fun to hang with. :-)

Beauty By LeRenda and Killer Lipgloss BBlogger Preview

Below is everything the Beauty Bloggers received in our swag bag. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity.
2013-09-28 00.55.03