Feb 162015

I attended the Clarins Spring 2015 Beauty Event last week promoting their new Garden Escape Collection, with special guests Clarins Celebrity Makeup Artist Dayan Herrera and Nassima Kebir which was held at Macy’s Houston Galleria at Hidalgo.

Clarins went all out to accommodate the beauty bloggers.  They even arranged private car service for us to attend!!  This is the first time I’ve had that experience. :-)

BeautyByLeRenda Clarins Spr 2015 Beauty Event Personal Driver This was my driver, Byron.  He was very good . :-)

BeautyByLeRenda Clarins Spr 2015 Beauty Event Private Car Selfies Car Selfies while on the way to the event.

KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still CameraAbove is Clarins Celebrity Makeup Artist Dayan Hererra talking with one of the guests.  He did a great job with taking out time to answer all of our questions and meeting everyone. BeautyByLeRenda Clarins Spr 2015 Beauty Event Crowd pic 1There was a great turnout. KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still Camera

There were non-alcoholic beverages provided for the guests. :-)
beautybylerenda clarins 2015 beauty event bartenderBeautyByLeRenda Clarins Spr 2015 Beauty Event

I had a Sparkling water with Lime

BeautyByLeRenda Clarins Spr 2015 Beauty Event My Drink

Houston Fashion Blogger Shalanda got to be one of the models for Dayan’s eye demo with the Clarins Total Eye Concentrate & Daily Duo.  He also used the highlighter pen in 02.  After the demo, Shalanda stated she instantly felt the hydration.

KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still CameraBeautyByLeRenda Clarins Spr 2015 Beauty Event HIghligher penBeautyByLeRenda Clarins 2015 Beauty Event Daily Duo Skin care display

Below, Dayan is showing us how to apply the Clarins Skin Care products.  He said it’s important to press the products into your skin and not RUB them.  You should be delicate.  KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still Camera KODAK Digital Still CameraIn the above pic, you’ll see Dayan’s model displaying a look using the new Garden Escape eyeshadow palette.  There are 6 shadows in the palette.  They’re mineral based and can be used wet or dry. If you wet them, they can be used as eyeliners too.  The greens in the palette can be used on every eye color.

 Dayan explained that Clarins makeup has treatment in it so that’s what makes them stand apart from other brands.

Their new Everlasting  Foundation +SPF15 has an 18hr hold and is “Visibly Flawless”.  It contains Anti-polutants, Quinoa, and Bamboo Extract and comes in 14 “Velvety” shades.beautybylerenda clarins spr 2015 beauty event foundation display unit

BeautyByLeRenda Clarins Spr 2015 Beauty Event Instant Light Lip Oil

The Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is used to enhance and nourish the lips.  It can be worn alone or layered.  It’s like an alternative to using a lip balm.  The applicator mimics the finger.

The Crayon Khol Eye liner pencil in the new shade “Intense Green”

The new Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector helps to moisturize, plump, and enhance the lips.  There are 6 colors available.  Dayan showed us “My Pink” amd explained that it’s a tint designed to react to the person’s skin PH.  It will look different on everyone but works well.

You can see swatches below on my fellow makeup artist and blogger Faith’s hand.KODAK Digital Still CameraBeautyByLeRenda Clarins 2015 Beauty Event hand swatches on Faith of Jolie Rouge Lipsticks

There are 2 new shades of Jolie Rouge Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick for this Spring 2015 Garden Escape Collection.  Coral Dahlia and Rose Petal.

The Blush Prodige is Mineral based and brings life to the skin.

BeautyByLeRenda Clarins Spr 2015 Beauty Event with MUA Dayan Here I am with Dayan. He was so nice.

beautybylerenda clarins spr 2015 beauty event counter selfie Couldn’t resist taking a selfie while at the Clarins Counter. LOL! :-P

We received the best swag bag I’ve ever gotten from a beauty event. Thanks Clarins. I can’t wait to reveiw all of these products. :-)BeautyByLeRenda clarins Spr 2015 BEauty Event Goodie Bag

Dec 192014
This picture was taken in 2012 during my 1st visit to the Make Up For Ever Store in Dallas.

Make Up For Ever has done an incredible job in creating learning opportunities for both professional makeup artists as well as makeup lovers for years. This is the reason that I am a loyal fan of the brand. I love their commitment to education and building networks within the makeup community.

 This picture was taken during the “Pro Road Show ” tour Dallas in 2012.  Click the picture to go to the post.

This post will be one of the first of my “Way Back When” series due to this event happening in March of this year. ;-)

I’ve attended these Make Up For Ever classes since 2011.  In 2011 and 2012, the classes were for 3 days and were scheduled every 1hr 1/2.  This year all of the classes were still 1hr 1/2 but they were condensed to only one day.  You can check out my recap of the 2011 and 2012 classes I attended here and here.   I always walk away with a greater knowledge about the brand, new makeup techniques, and a bigger connection with other makeup artists. Oh, and did I mention that these classes are absolutely FREE!!!  :-)

BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class with Jesse pic 1The first class that I attended was on the Infamous Flash Color Palette, which was taught by MUFE Pro and Media Educator Jessie Powers.  She showed the class how to do a full face of makeup using this one amazing palette.

Jessie is mixing colors from the Flash Color Palette to make a foundation and concealer for the model

Jessie is mixing colors from the Flash Color Palette to make a foundation and concealer for the model

Then she applied the custom made concealer under the eyesBeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artisty Class Jessie applying ConcealerThen She Highlighted the model’s face.BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie Highlighting

 Next she blended the foundation colorsBeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie blending colorsSorry that the pic above and below are a bit blurry.  I tried to catch these pictures as she was using her hands.
BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie applying contourJessie created a contour color as well.BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Jessie blending highlight contour and face colorsNext she blended a couple colors from the Flash Color Palette to do the model’s eyes and lips.BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie mixing eye colorsBeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie applying Eye colorsJessie created two different eye looks to give the class some variation on how to use the palette for any occasion.  This was the 1st look.
BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie's finished eye lookThis is the 2nd look. She did a softer combo.
BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class Jessie's soft eye color comboAlso check out the pretty contour she created.  It’s not too over the top, but enough to notice.
BeautyByLeRenda MUFE Pro Artistry Class with Jessie and Natalisa After class the class, I took a picture with Jessie and Dallas MUFE Artist Natalia.

Make sure to check back for Part 2 of the Make Up For Ever Pro Artistry Classes Recap.

















Oct 012013

DSCF0437I was so happy to be invited to attend the Beauty Blogger Preview for The Makeup Show Orlando!!! This is an exclusive event that occurs the evening before The Makeup Show starts to give Beauty Bloggers a heads up on what to look for and what products would be great to review.

DSCF0432It was held in the Orlando Room, which is the same nice ballroom that the keynote speakers were in for the next 2 days.

DSCF0433James Vincent gave a detailed introduction of The Makeup Show and explained why he likes the products that were provided for the Beauty Bloggers to review.  He informed us that there were over 100 vendors in attendance.  He let us know that Orlando is the warmest location for The Makeup Show (literally and figuratively). Because it’s smaller, attendees get to really interact with the business owners, and makeup artists get more time to truly network and build relationships with people. I totally agree with this. I attended the 1st one last year and I made a lot of good connections. A benefit of going to a smaller venue is it’s more intimate, you’re not rushed, and you don’t have to squeeze through everyone to make it down the aisle. :-)

He told us what to expect fro The Makeup Show Orlando.

  • Education
  • Networking opportunities
  • Products at pro discounted rates to help build your kit

DSCF0439Shout out to MUA Bethany Townes who did a fantastic job of helping all of the speakers set up.

Sharon (Mama Makeup) Gault graced us with her presence. She was one of the upcoming Keynote Speakers. I caught a picture of her walking in as James Vincent introduced her. DSCF0438One of the first products he talked about was the Lait-Creme Concentre  Nourishing moisturizer from Embryolisse. For years I’ve heard professional makeup artists rave about this brand. I’m excited to review this product. This cream is for all skin types and has multiple uses.


 We received cool hair ties from The Science of Fabulous.

2013-09-27 18.22.41

 We received mascara from Ellis Faas. I’ve recently heard great things about this brand. This booth was actually right next to the AJ Crimson booth that I worked at. Their packaging is awesome.

 James Vincent spoke so highly of this mascara. I had to take it out and get a closer look. :-)

James Vincent spoke so highly of this mascara. I had to take it out and get a closer look. :-)

Ellis Faas Booth

2013-09-28 15.54.57Above is a picture of David from the Ellis Faas Booth. They were right next to the AJ Crimson booth that I worked at. He was a ball of energy! Yes, those bullet looking pieces have makeup inside. Ha ha! :-)

Stila gave the Beauty Bloggers a Stay All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm. You know I’m super excited to try this due to me always being on the search for oil-controlling products. James V holding Stila balm 1James V holding the stila balm 2

We received a brush from the new Artisan brush collection from Makeup Forever. Woo Hoo!James V holding MUFE Brushes MUFE Brush from BBlogger Preview *Sorry some of these pics are blurry.   I was trying to take notes, listen, and hurry & take a pictures with my phone. Ha ha! I need to improve my multi-tasking skills.* :-D

Yay! We received the new NARS Eye Paint. My bag had the color Tatar. 2013-09-27 18.33.26 We received a package of Crown Brush goodies that included powder puffs, Eye liner, tweezers.  James said even though he loves brushes, it’s important to still use powder puffs, especially if you are trying to press product into the skin without any traces of brush strokes for HD. Powder Puffs also do a better job of setting powder for a long lasting effect. James V holding Crown Brush Goodies

Below James is holding a limited edition Makeup Forever Palette he put together that has neutral colors that work on everyone.


He also put together a special makeup artist kit with Makeup Forever products that are essentials for a freelance makeup artist. This is exclusive to The Makeup Show Orlando.


Below I’m with fellow Beauty Blogger Khia of Killer Lipgloss! So happy to have met her. I’ve followed her blog for a couple of years as well as on different social media outlets.  I spotted her while we were waiting to check in to the Beauty Blogger Preview event. I was drawn to her gorgeous purple lips. I walked over and realized who she was and was so happy. She’s super cool and fun to hang with. :-)

Beauty By LeRenda and Killer Lipgloss BBlogger Preview

Below is everything the Beauty Bloggers received in our swag bag. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity.
2013-09-28 00.55.03

Apr 182013

African Pride Event BannerI attended the African Pride Beauty Social National Tour two weeks ago.   Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to stay the entire time because I had to work at the MAC counter that day, but I did at least get a few pictures and some info on how the brand has made several changes.

African Pride Product TableWhen I entered the area of the event, the first thing I saw was a lavish breakfast buffet! :-)

African Pride Breakfast Table 1African Pride Event Breakfast Table 2

Here’s my plate. :-)African Pride Event My plate

When I walked in, there was a welcome table with a couple of the new products.African Pride Event Welcome Table  Then I was able to find a seat at one of the round tables that were set up for the invited bloggers.  African Pride Event Room with bloggers 1

Once it was time for the event to start, we were officially welcomed by one of African Pride’s reps. African Pride Welcome RepNext Camila Crews, the African Pride Content Specialist, educated us on the new and improved changes with the brand.African Pride Rep explaining changes One of the first things she did was ask us if we knew about the brand.  Then she asked what African Pride products we were most familiar with.  There was an overwhelming response of the Braid Spray and the grease.  I definitely used to use both.  She acknowledged that these two items were their most popular products.  She also let us know that the braid spray is even good for people who have locs, or sew-ins. She then introduced us to a couple of brand new products and the redesigned packaging.African Pride products on chairAfrican Pride rep holding product 1 Next Camila showed us how the products had been used on two different models with different hair types.African Pride Rep showing model hairstyle African Pride Rep with Model holding productAfrican Pride Rep with Model 2 African Pride Model 2 backAfrican Pride Rep with both models

Here’s the official press release for the event:

African Pride Hair Care continued their national “Ultimate Beauty Social”  Tour in Houston, Texas on Saturday, April 6th, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. A transparent conversation on beauty over brunch was hosted by beauty bloggers Shalanda Turner (LiveLifeinStyle.com), Tamara Floyd (NaturalHairRules.com), special guest author Audrey Sivasothy (The Science of Black Hair) and African Pride’s Content Director – Camila Crews. The conversation opened the floor for discussion topics including: hair style choice in the workplace, writing your own rules when it comes to your hair, how women are no longer monolithic and how to celebrate individual beauty. The event showcased new products from the African Pride Family Brands’ Collections including Olive Miracle, Shea Butter Miracle and DreamKids. All products are affordably priced under $7.99 and sold at local beauty retailers and stores such as Sallys Beauty Supply, Family Dollar and Walmart. For more information visit www.African-Pride.com, to see the national tour schedule visit www.Facebook.com/MyAfricanPride and to join in this nationally charged viral conversation follow @MyAfricanPride #UltimateBeautySocial.

You can also view a video of the event by clicking on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5_psPqxQUU

Feb 252012

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Sep 262011

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