Breaking the Rules Fashion Show

I attended the Breaking the Rules Fashion Show tonight at Club 2020 in downtown and all I can say is that the designers and fashion stylists, hair stylists, and make up artists were on point.  The pieces were unique, chic, a bit daring but fly.  
I loved the red background.  It added a bit of sexiness to the collections.  There was good music playing in the background and the crowd was very eager to see the latest creations.  During the intermission, there was a dance performance by a group called Train Wreck.  They kept the crowd entertained as the models and designers moved on to part 2 of the show.  
This Men’s Collection was by my friend and  Fashion Stylist James King
Below is James King (in the middle) and his group of models wearing his collection.  
Here are more pictures of the other collections.


I was very impressed with this being the first year.  It was nicely put together and well attended, especially for a Sunday night.  Kudos to James King and Courtney Evans for putting on such a great show.  I can’t wait to see what you all have in store next. 

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