Black Radiance Baked Eye Shadow and Baked Bronzer

Wow!  What can I say about Black Radiance?  I totally regret not buying products before now.  I’ve passed this brand up for years thinking that it wasn’t worth my money. (not sure why I thought this way, I guess I figured b/c it was inexpensive, it must mean that the products weren’t good).  I purchased 2 products last week due to Walmart having $1 off coupons on them.  I’ve heard a few people mention Black Radiance, but I really don’t remember the exact products.  Maybe it was a lipstick or gloss?  Anyway, here is my review of the Baked Bronzer and Baked Eye shadow.  Please excuse the date stamps.  I had to recharge my battery in my camera and the settings were reset.  I forgot to take them off. LOL!
On the left is the Baked eye shadow in Rum Spice.  On the right is the Baked Bronzer in Gingersnap.
This Baked Bronzer reminds me a lot of my absolute favorite MAC MSF Comfort

This Baked Bronzer reminds me a lot of my absolute favorite MAC MSF Comfort
 Pretty close.Comfort is a lot bigger, but it also cost way more. Retails at $28. (I received this in gratis). 
  MAC MSF is the top swatch and Black Radiance Gingersnap is at the bottom.  Gingersnap has more shimmer and it has more copper.  Comfort has more of a natural effect and is more brown.  
Black Radiance Rum Spice is the top swatch.  It has pretty good payoff (not quite a much as I would like but hey it was only $3).  The product is a bit deceiving.  It looks as though it is a combo of brown, gold, bronze, copper, but it really just comes off as gold. 

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