Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Loose Powder

So I purchased the Black Opal Oil Blotting loose powder last month during the Memorial Day special in which they were offering free shipping with a $15 purchase.  You already know how much I hate being oily and how much of a sucker I am when it comes to oil controlling products.  Well I absolutely LOVE Black Opal Foundation Sticks so I figured I should give the powder a try.

Invisible Oil Blocking Loose Powder
Apparently the person at allure magazine who tried this powder is not oily.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that Black Opal was recognized for it’s product. I just wish it would’ve been for the fantastic foundation sticks and not this loose powder.  I didn’t notice ANY oil blocking.  It was like using a regular loose powder.  Now this doesn’t mean that the powder is worthless trash, it just means that it’s no different from every other loose finishing powder.  This in No Way compares to M.A.C. Prep and Prime Powder, which I was hoping it would be a dupe for. Will I continue to use it? Of course, but I will also use all of my other mattifying products along with it.  I paid $8.95 for this powder so it’s not going to waste.  I’m so disappointed.  I will NOT purchase this again nor do I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an oil absorbing powder.  If you just want a loose finishing powder without adding extra color, sure go for it.

*The picture was taken from the Black Opal Website

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Lady K aka Kendra

I think this is the second blog post I've seen about this powder not living up to its claim. I'll probably pass on this since I was considering it. Thanks for the review!

Royal Beauty Designs

Yeah, this powder is soooo disappointing as far as blocking oil is concerned. It's not a bad powder just doesn't deliver. The name should be changed to Invisible Loose Powder.

Thanks for stopping by again. I really do appreciate your support. 😀

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