Black Opal Eyeshadow Review

Black Opal Eyeshadows with Elf Brush
I used my new Black Opal Eyeshadows to create this Inexpensive Look Of The Day last week.  I later realized that I didn’t do actual swatches of the colors.  I’ll show you what each of the four colors look like in this post.


The first color I’ll show you is Emotional Me. It’s a frosty golden yellow.

Black Opal Emotional Me on brushBelow is what it looks like on my skin.

Black Opal Emotional Me Swatch

The next color is Illusion.  It’s a gorgeous frosty light gold.  Illusion reminds me of MAC Vanilla Pigment, but it’s a tad bit darker.  Black Opal Illusion LabelBlack Opal Illusion on brush

I’ve been using this color a lot on both my eyes and as a cheek highlight, however, it didn’t really photograph well on my hand. 🙁Black Opal Illusion Swatch flashWith the flash above and without the flash belowBlack Opal Illusion Swatch no flash

Next up is Ring a Ding. Black Opal Ring A Ding LabelBlack Opal Ring A Ding on brushI’m in love with this color. It’s a wonderful matte orange.  I have another matte  orange that I use in my 42 Matte Coastal Scents Palette, but this color is more toned down and also darker.Black Opal Ring A Ding with FlashWith a flash above and without the flash below.
Black Opal Ring A Ding swatch no flashIt’s great for the crease and it blends really well.

The last Shadow is Nookie Cookie. That name makes me giggle. Ha ha! ;-p Black Opal Nookie Cookie Label Black Opal Nookie Cookie on Brush This color is a nice matte dark chocolate brown. When I saw it online, I thought it was going to be like MAC Embark, but it’s not as red. Black Opal Nookie Cookie Swatch flash The picture above is with a flash and the one below is without a flash. Black Opal Nookie Cookie no flashFor only $5, I’m very pleased with these Black Opal Shadows and I do want more of them.   I’ll check my local Beauty Supply stores to see if I can get them there. So far, I haven’t seen them at Wal-Mart, but I’ll keep looking.

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