Biggest Disappointing Product of March

In the previous post I shared my favorite product of the month of March.  I also need to mention my biggest disappointment.  As I stated in the favorite post, I don’t do these often.  A product really has to stand out from all of the others I used in the month in order for me to dedicate a fave/disappoinment post to it.  So what was so disappointing?  The Sally Hansen Nail Strips.

These were nothing like I thought they’d be.  I was expecting a really cool product that would easily allow me to get my nails done in about 5-10 min.  This wasn’t the case at all.  To read the rest of my thoughts about this product, check out my initial post on the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. 

What did you try last month that was a favorite and or a disappointment?

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