The Best Sephora I’ve Ever Been To

While on our Mother’s Day Trip, I also went to the most amazing Sephora I’ve ever been to.

It’s located right outside of the Venetian and below Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

Can you see how big it is even from the outside?

Wow! Check out the fantastic MUFE section!!!

 I’d love to be able to come here on a regular basis.  Too bad it’s so far away.  I wish we had something like this by me.  I’ve heard that there will be a MUFE store somewhere in Dallas.  Guess I’ll be taking more road trips.

I was amazed by the big MUFE section so that’s what i took the most pictures of.  I did however manage to take a couple pictures of the rest of the store.

Again, I didn’t buy anything because I’m waiting until IMATS next month, but boy was I tempted. Plus, I left my Pro Backstage Card at home and didn’t want to pay the full price. LOL!


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